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Health Institute Australia and Shanti Yoga present short, online, bespoke courses, pertaining to Yoga Training.

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The unit code represents a government registered unit of competency (uoc).
The couse name tells you what the unit is about.
The level tells you at what level the uoc is pitched.
The fee pertains to the deliver of that Uoc, assessment and statement of attainment.
Many uocs packaged together make up a qualification such as Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.
Some uocs, specially those delivered at higher levels, have pre-requesites, for which fees apply. 


UNIT CODE         UNIT NAME                                                                          LEVEL         FEE

YOGDSM401A     Self Mastery                                                                          Cert IV       $2995

YOGAAH402A     Yoga and Ayurvedic Health and Principles for Self-care       Cert IV       $2995

YOGYHP403A     Yoga history, literature, and philosophy                                 Cert IV       $1595

YOGPYP404A      Yoga postures from head to toe, asana                                Cert IV       $2995

YOGDYB405A      Yoga breathing, pranayama                                                  Cert IV       $1995

YOGDYR406A      Yoga relaxation, nidra                                                           Cert IV       $2995

YOGDEC407A      Effective concentration, motivation, memory, dharana         Cert IV       $1995

YOGDMS408A     Yoga meditation, dhyana                                                       Cert IV       $1995

YOGPYC409A      Yoga sound, chanting, mantra, kirtan, bhajan, sanskrit         Cert IV       $1550

YOGYEL410A       Yoga practices for ethical living                                             Cert IV       $1995

YOGCYC501A       Vedic philosophy and Yogic concepts                                   Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Yoga history, literature, and philosophy                  Cert IV        $1595
YOGCOM502A      Yoga and Ayurveda Health                                                    Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Yoga and Ayurvedic Health and Principles              Cert IV       $2995 
                               for Self-care YOGAAH402A
YOGIYA503A         Instruct Yoga Asana                                                               Diploma     $5000
                               Pre req: Yoga postures from head to toe                               Cert IV        $2995
YOGIYB504A         Instruct Yoga Breathing                                                          Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Yoga breathing, pranayama                                     Cert IV        $1995  
YOGIYR505A         Instruct Yoga for Relaxation                                                  Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Yoga relaxation, nidra YOGDYR406A                     Cert IV       $2995    
YOGIYC506A         Instruct in the use of yoga for Effective Concentration          Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Effective concentration, motivation,                         Cert IV       $1995
                               memory, dharana. YOGDEC407A    
YOGCYM507A       Conduct Yoga Meditation                                                      Diploma      $2550
                                Pre-req: Yoga meditation, dhyana YOGDMS408A               Cert IV        $1995  
YOGLYC508A        Lead Yoga Chanting                                                              Diploma      $1550
                               Pre-req: Yoga sound, chanting, mantra, kirtan,                     Cert IV       $1550
                               bhajan, sanskrit. YOGPYC409A     
YOGPYL509A        Yoga Leadership                                                                    Diploma     $2550
                               Pre-req: Yoga practices for ethical living YOGYEL410A        Cert IV       $1995
YOGLYS601A        Lead yoga sessions for youth.                                                Adv Dip      $2995
                               Education for Peace: Peaceful Warrior
YOGYBC602A        Instruct yoga for back care                                                     Adv Dip.     $2995
                                Healthy back facilitator training 

YOGAYP603A         Instruct clients in advanced yoga postures.                           Adv Dip       $2995

YOGIAB604A          Instruct advanced yoga breathing.                                         Adv Dip       $2995

YOGIAR605A          Instruct advanced yoga relaxation                                         Adv Dip       $2995
                                The art of slowing down to create meaning, purpose, fulfillment

YOGIMM606A         Instruct clients in the use of mindfulness meditation.            Adv Dip         $3000

YOGYSN607A        Plan and Deliver Yoga Programs to Special Needs Clients Adv Dip          $2995 
                                Yoga for healthy ageing. 
                                Facilitating Chair Yoga



About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

India-Nepal Tour

Travel with Shanti & Peter Gowans this November for a trip of a lifetime. 

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