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Ayurvedic Consultation
Ayurvedic Consultation
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We have one mission, and that is to serve your health needs with the best possible ayurvedic herbal products, knowledge and service.
Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations address your overall health, nutritional and lifestyle needs, and offer  empowering tools to create and maintain the nutritional program that best supports your unique body type. You could be advised to creatively address your lifestyle i.e. your physical, mental and emotional well-being through body-centered practices, meditation and dialogue. Programs complement each other and can be taken together or separately, to give you the knowledge and skills needed to create and live a healthy, balanced and vibrant life. 
Consultations may include
  • Body type, pulse, tongue, skin and eye diagnosis
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Ayurvedic nutrition, cooking and dietary advice
  • Herbal medicine recommendations
  • Recommendations regarding treatments suitable for your body type.
What will you get out of a consultation?
  • a holistic analysis of your symptoms 
  • an understanding of the link between what you eat, the way you live, and the way you feel
  • a natural, effective, balanced approach to wellness that includes a suggested plan of change suited to your individual needs and pace to restore and maintain balance in mind and body
  • practical advice, including menus and recipes
  • recommendations for safe and effective herbal, nutritional and wellness products, personal care, Ayurvedic supplements, skin and hair care, aromatherapy products, beverages, teas and herbal infusions, fruit and nut spreads, spices and seasonings and treatments
  • a listening ear
  • plenty of support and a positive outlook