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Residential retreats offer you the opportunity to step away from the distractions of your daily life and move deeply into present time awareness. Here you cultivate mindfulness and a stronger connection with your heart. Nirvana Wellness retreats commit to supporting your practice in this way. We hope to see you here. 

Sunrise and clouds
The carved bench
Search inside yourself or sit and read a book. The carved bench is surrounded by gardenia bushes…and then there is the view.
Sunrise over valley
Rainbow over the rainforest at Nirvana
The hills over yonder
Waiting at the front stairs for the rainforest walk
Resting area on rainforest walk
Rain forest walk
Beechmont caves
Forest lodge walk
Winter walk
Entrance. Ground floor.
Stop. Breathe. Notice. Beyond conditioned behaviour and emotional patterns lies the truth of being.
The hand of wisdom, Buddhist. Bronze in the first Floor entrance
The yoga room
Om poster
The yoga room
The yoga room
Buddha. Handpainted in oil on canvas
The yoga room
The wooden hand carved bench in the yoga room and a peek at the spare blankets for yoga and nidra.
Single bedroom - another view
Single bedroom, another view
The base for the washbasins in bedrooms is made from silky oak timber, grown on the property itself.
The yoga room, south wall. Buddha batik, India
Shared bathroom 2, ground floor
Single bedroom
Shared bathroom 1, ground floor
Single bedroom, another view
Twin share bedroom
Bhujangasana, the cobra posture
The yoga room
This is a place where people come to be quiet, to do and be nothing, a rarity in our busy world today.
Massage and treatment room
Front verandah - with sweeping views
The Meditation room - another view
The Meditation room
Dining tables
Front verandah - with sweeping views
Dining joy
Dining table laden with our Middle eastern feast of dips, salad, falafel
The Lebanese feast of dips, salad and falafel
Dining tables
Krishna and Radha. Hand painted in oil on silk
at the entrance of the media room
Dining table and chairs - hand carved
Walk and talk in the rainforest
Entrance to the ground floor through the temple door
Enter the beautiful temple door, hand carved in India, and develop tools for exploring your inner journey.
Expansive views of hinterland
Views to the Gold Coast from Beechmont
New Year's day fresh fruit spread
Nirvana's panoramic view
Australian Natives from Kim's generosity. Crescent garden, Nirvana.
Banana palm in fruit
Fresh fruit platters, New Year's day
Mango - green fruit on the tree
Green and red grapes, lychees, nectarines and passion fruit
Hibiscus bush. Front stairs, Nirvana.
Fresh figs. Fruit orchard, Nirvana.
Scented gardenia - generosity of Kim
Banana in fruit @ Nirvana's banana orchard
Tahitian limes. Nirvana fruit orchard
Centrepiece, dining tables
Glee's creativity, fresh from the garden
Dairy cattle that provides Nirvana's milk supply
On the walk to the water hole
Telescope and the moon. Front verandah
We do have a modest sign. Sometimes it's hidden.
Group set to go to waterhole
Views of the gorge
Walkway to rainforest
The rosewood tree that marks the spot for the garden
Jocelyn looking forward to a swim
Lush Green Beechmont
Tropical rainforest
Made it to the top of waterfall
Bathing in the warm sunshine
Life is an Offering
Jenny and Susan enjoying a chat
Swim and chat
1hr cave walk with Shantiji
One knows what the goal is - but you don't know what you will encounter, or how you will feel along the way…each day.
Magnificent natural beauty
Jen enjoying the sun
Happy moments had by all
A good book, sunshine and the sounds of the waterfall. Doesn't get too much better than that.
Lunch time at retreat
Happiness is gratitude
Cool feet, happy feet
Christine with a basket from nature - Nirvana's garden's bounty coming up the front stairs
Nirvana's Nature walks
Nature reveals the face of God
Oranges and frangipani
See the bush breathing
Manifest in the synchronised scenery of nature, the divine breath heaves in the wind. Divinity smiles at us in the greenery and flowers. The qualities of love, peace and joy that grow in the garden of human hearts
all reflect the Divine.
Waters of spring
Step outside your normal life. Give up the familiar. Accept yourself.
What joy.
Join us in a spiritual journey into the beauty and wonder of nature
Coming clean on the mountain
A vast, dimensionless, invisible spirit flows through the forests and waterways, experiences, all living atoms and all space.
Suddenly the sun comes out
The entire physical manifestation, so awe-inspiring to human mentality provides tantalising hints to the underlying Presence.
Winter drizzle
Nature's beauty awakens us to a deeper awareness of the one reality that sustains and unites us all.
Dousing the light
Water cascading over rocks, the scenery of the mountains, the mysterious splendour of human beings, the magnanimity of souls and loftiness of minds all remind us of the depths of that divine love which is beautiful and noble.
See the bush breathing
In the expectation of wonderful things to happen in the future, do not neglect the sound of the wind and rain, the breath and heartbeat this instant.
Nature, as it is
We are one…and many
Remain calm, serene, connected with the Presence. You will then find out how easy it is to get along with others.
See forever
It’s amazing what you see when you have a clear mind.
Yoga on the Lawns
In the dark night of the soul, see fireflies
Rain, cold, heat, sun, wind, physical pain and discomfort, personal habits, dealing with other people - motivation swirls around your daily path and the stories are written on people's faces. You embrace it and just be.
Traces of dreams reveal themselves
Glide over the limitless empire of thought. There behold the stunning vistas to be appreciated along the way, and the ranges of unbroken, lofty spiritual aspirations.
Dousing the Light
Nirvana’s forest walk takes you on a journey into history to view some incredible trees, which are recorded to be over 1000 years old.
Nature, as it is.
Mindful walking
In the scent of the eucalyptus
Butterflies throughout the year
Be brave with your life
Look alone and together,
at what arises
in all of us
Queensland can get a tad cold in winter
The emphasis on posture and form, and the steady movement away from rigidity and athletic qualities gives way to being more spacious, simpler and more open.
No yoga. No peace. Know yoga. Know peace
Sonja, Caitlyn, Alana learning the harmonium
Look alone and together,
at what arises
in all of us
Chanting, New year's eve, Springbrook.
Dining with friends
Simple joy in the lives of animals
Ayurvedic Training
Dr. Manish Patwardhan lecturing at Nirvana
You have the power to live your dreams.
Nirvana scenery
Carmel and Hilary enjoying a cuppa.
Carmel and Hilary in conversation
Carol with mandala. Sacred art class, Nirvana
Nirvana's garden produce
Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.
- Edith Wharton
Nature at Nirvana Wellness retreat is vibrant and amazing
Socrates the four footed meditator rolling on the grass
Is a goal in life to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are?
Art with Christine Starmer
Student art under the mentorship of art teacher and artist, Christine Starmer
Cheryl on the lawn mower
Cheryl on the Ride-on Mower
Dining table and chairs - hand carved
View from the dining area
Rest in the view
We wish you all the peace and beauty found in the silence
Nirvana Massage Treatments
The purpose of meditation
is to calm the mind
so that without distortion
it may mirror the omni-presence.
• The protein we eat is broken down into amino acids which go on to build and repair our muscles. They make the neurotransmitters in our brain and all the cells of our immune systems, which is the way we defend ourselves from infections.
Bedroom no.9
Meditation and Yoga
Group photo with Dr. Swapnil and Shantiji
2 Oct 2016
11-13 May 2018, photographer: Francesca Sc
11-13 May 2018, photographer: Francesca Sc
11-13 May 2018, photographer: Francesca Sc
11-13 May 2018, photographer: Francesca Sc
Nirvana 18 May 2004. How things have changed. Photo: Kim Hawkins.
Nirvana Bedroom 1
Nirvana bedroom 1
Nirvana bedroom 10
Nirvana Bedroom 2
Nirvana bedroom 3
Nirvana Bedroom 4
Nirvana bedroom 5
Nirvana Bedroom 6
Nirvana bedroom 7
Nirvana bedroom 8
Nirvana bedroom 9
Nirvana bedroom 9

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