Join Peter and Shanti Gowans this
November for this trip of a lifetime.
Tour includes: Kolkata – Kathamandu – Delhi – Haridwar – Delhi - Agra – Jaipur – Mumbai – Kovalam – Trivandrum
November / December 2014
22 nights / 23 days:

One holiday - many experiences.
Travelling to India can be a lifetime experience for anyone. You stay in Royal palaces, visit grand forts and exotic monuments, taste mouth-watering cuisine, enjoy the snow capped mountains over Nepal, and head for the heavenly alpine feel of the Himalayan foothills. Our colourful tour of India and Nepal presents a variety of leisure, wildlife, mountains, rivers, spirituality, yoga, chanting, ayurveda, monuments, markets, food, entertainment, culture, temples, more food, more shopping, forts, palaces, museums, historic sites, rich culture, festivities. air-rail-road-elephant-boat travel. India and Nepal with Shantiji and Peter in November 2014 presents an all in one package of life changing experiences.
We start our travel in Kolkata, one of Asia’s great colonial cities, and the hub of a rich Bengali culture, with striking colonial architecture, such as the soaring white marble domes of the vast Victoria Memorial, the Kali Mandir temple, and the Ramakrishna headquarters. It is home to tantalising local cuisine and unique colours, yet is still largely unknown as a tourist destination. It has recently become well known because it is home of the Mother Theresa Centre.

While Nepal is a mountainous country, straddling the bulk of the Himalayan ranges, it offers much more than just mountains. In the Kathmandu Valley alone, are to be found seven of the ten UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites. These sites afford you the opportunity of witnessing, first hand, the intricate geometry, grandeur and majesty of Nepalese art and architecture and the reverent simplicity of the two dominant religions of Nepal - namely Hinduism and Buddhism. This is a happening tour in Kathmandu which provides a glimpse of Kathmandu through the windows of its three main city squares, from the visit to the holiest of the Hindu temples, the Pashupatinath, which stretches its premises over a massive area and shelters numerous temples and faunas. The Pashupatinath Temple itself is a two storied construction with four silver doors facing each direction. Next stop will be the Boudhanath Stupa, the largest of its kind and an important pilgrimage for all the Buddhist devotees of the world. Likewise, is the home for higher learning, the Swayambhunath, dates back to the time when a lake was drained to become Kathmandu. Situated on higher ground, this mystical Stupa oversees the Kathmandu city with Lord Buddha’s eyes. Next day will take you through the finest specimen of Temples in Kathmandu Square, which was enlisted as a UNESCO heritage site in the 70’s and was at one time, home to the former monarchs of Nepal. Historical temples and monuments, including the Taleju, Bhairav, Kasthamandap and Kumari Temple (home of the Living Goddess) are located around the square. There is also a museum which is a huge archive of the country’s history. Evenings can be fun in Kathmandu, with aromas of rich tradition and culture and the lights of progressive modernization blended in a unique manner. Acquiring souvenirs to take back home can add a whole new perspective to your shopping senses.

Flying back into the subcontinent, we go for some spirituality to the foothills of the Himalayas and visit sacred arthis on the River Ganges. Rested up, we return to combine India’s most iconic attractions, in the most captivating tourist circuits of India. It covers Delhi, the capital of India, with its majestic history, Agra, the seat of the acclaimed Taj Mahal, the seventh Wonder of the World,  and Jaipur, the rose pink city of the land of the Rajputs, in colourful Rajasthan. Collectively, these three cities are known as the ‘Golden Triangle’. Every tourist of the world must visit the Taj Mahal at least once. But there’s more: Agra Fort, Amber Fort Palace, a cycle rickshaw ride through the Bazaars (market) of Old Delhi.

We travel to Mumbai and go on a boat ride to the Elephanta Caves, a giant monolith which is unbelievably majestic. Then we leave for Kerala, the perfect destination for adventure, culture and relaxation. With its laid back beach scenes, swaying palm trees, gentle crusies along tropical backwaters, and holistic Ayurvedic treatments with heaing extracts, essential oils and delicious food, you’ll soon see why Kerala is Paradise found.

IMPORTANT:  You need to apply for a multiple entry Indian Visa for this tour
We know you want to be safe, enjoy cleanliness, guard against illness and have amazing experiences whilst travelling. Prepare to be amazed 
• Luxury Accommodation
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• Fully Escorted
• Full Support Team
• Small Groups
• Personal Attention
• Rest days in awesome locations
• Journey to historical and sacred places, experience different cultures
• Travel that will change you forever.

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India-Nepal Tour

Travel with Shanti & Peter Gowans this November for a trip of a lifetime. 

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