Shanti Yoga Holiday Timetable

During the school holidays, Shantiji will conduct retreat from 28 December 2018 to 13 January 2019, at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary. Several of our usual teachers will also be attending this retreat with Shantiji, and we are pleased to welcome you to Our Holiday Schedule.

Holiday Timetable Jan 2019

DAY.             TIME                 CLASS                                     TEACHER/FACILITATOR 

Monday 14,  21 Jan 2019

                      9:15-10:30am  Mindfulness and Breathing .    Shantiji

                    10:30-11:30am  Yoga Easy and Gentle             Shantiji

                    11:30-12:15pm  Relaxation and Meditation       Shantiji

                      5:30-6:15pm    Yoga Stretch and Tone             Sonja

Tuesday 15, 22 Jan 2019

                    10:30-11:30am  Restorative Ground Yoga        Shantiji

                    11:30-12:30pm  Yoga Easy and Gentle            Shantiji

                    12:30-1:15pm    Deep Conscious Relaxation   Shantiji

                       5:30-6:25pm   Yoga Stretch and Tone             Lynanne

Wednesday 16, 23 Jan 2019

                      5:30-6:25pm    Yoga Stretch and Tone             Sue  

                      6:30-7:30pm    Deep Conscious Relaxation     Shantiji

                      7:30-8:45pm.   Yoga for Stress Release           Shantiji

Thursday 17, 24 Jan 2019

                     10:30-11:30am  Yoga for Stress Release         Shantiji

                     11:30-12:30pm Yoga Easy and Gentle            Shantiji

                     12:30-1:15pm Mindfulness Meditation             Shantiji

                       5:30-6:15pm . Yoga Stretch and Tone          Lynanne

Friday 18, 25 Jan 2019

                       9:15-10:10am Yoga Stretch and Tone          Cheryl

Saturday  19 Jan 2019

                      10:15-11:10am Yoga Stretch and Tone           Sue


Full Timetable

The full timetable will resume on Tuesday 29th January 2019. 

We wish you a safe, holy and happy life.

Enjoy summer.

With gratitude,

The Shanti Yoga Team





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