Yoga Gold Coast Class Timetable

Shop 1, 126 Scarborough Street, Southport Q. 4215
Shanti Yoga classes are a peaceful, sacred, transformational practices for body mind and spirit. They present a unique sequence of intentional breathing (pranayama), supported stretches and postures (asanas) incorporating simplified yoga in common, everyday approach to deep rest, restoration, wellbeing and healing. You meet and heal yourself on the mat.
Guided awareness, breathing, stretching, classical postures, modifications and safety features are incorporated throughout the class, making them appropriate for beginners, safe if you are ill, injured, menopausal, and also are pre-post natal safe. You are invited to practise at a level that is appropriate to you, in a comfortable setting. No experience necessary. Everyone can attend a class and benefit from it, regardless of how new or experienced you are. 
Our beautiful centre provides an opportunity for you to attend regular classes with a mindful community of fellow practitioners, like-minded people who you can interact with at our lunches, retreats and social events. 
Practising regularly together with a teacher, over a period of time, enables you to systematically develop and grow as a human being, and deepen your understanding of life. 
Classes are multilevel, fully demonstrated, and beginners are able to attend all of the Shanti Yoga classes because of the way that Shanti Yoga is designed and taught. Cushions, pillows, blankets, props and chairs are available to support you during practice. While doing yoga you also work with the mind, emotions and spirit.
The beauty of Shanti Yoga is that it introduces you to yourself at all levels. You will help boost your nervous and immune systems, improve overall pain relief, help recover from lack of sleep, soothe headaches and migraines, lower blood pressure, release endorphons and anti-ageing hormones, strengthen bad backs, joints and so much more.
A combination of three styles of yoga are taught in each class (Restorative, Shanti Yoga flow (vinyasa), and Gentle Hatha Yoga) together with Pranayama (intentional yoga breathing, to work at building levels of prana (lifeforce), invigorating the immune system, healing the nervous systen and strengthening the mind-body. The shorter (55min classes) include Yoga Nidra (conscious yoga relaxation) while the longer and back-to-back classes extend the session for asana practice, with deep rest Yoga Nidra and Meditation added on as a separate class, helping your body heal itself. The combination of philosophy with practice is a hallmark of Shantiji's back-to-back sessions.
The needs of the body are different in the morning of your life and in the evening. Morning practice uses posture and breath in specific ways to energise and strengthen the entire system for the wear and tear of each day. Evening practices relaxes the entire body to heal and repair from the wear and tear of the day.
Come prepared to for authentic practice, by agreeing to be a student, accepting the soft, nurturing style of classical yoga, and to practice with awareness and presence.   Read more about Shanti Yoga and its benefits. Check out how you feel after! 
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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday          



9.15 am

Prana Vidhya: relax, breathe, heal
9.15-10.15 $25
No Yoga.
No peace.
Know Yoga. Know peace.


stretch and tone
for beginners
9.15-10.10 $20
"Every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease
in yourself."
         Adelle Davis
stretch & tone 
9.15-10.10 $20 


10.30 am

10.15am Sat

easy, gentle
and healing
10.30-11.30 $25
Restorative- ground Yoga
10.30-11.30 $25


Yoga for stress release, pain control grounding poses, gentle breath, quiet mind; lwr back care  10.30-11.30 $25 Shantiji

stretch and tone
10.15-11.10 $20


11.30 am
Relaxation and Meditation
find peace of mind
11.30-12.15 $20
Yoga Wellness
renewal, wellbeing
11.30-12.30 $25
Yoga is a universal discipline
Yoga, gentle, healing
renewal, wellbeing
11.30-12.30 $25
12.15 pm
Come to lunch, delicious, healthy and light vegan
12:15-1pm  $12
Freshl, home-cooked  meals available Mon., Tues and Thurs
Deep, conscious
 and self healing,
Yoga Nidra.
12.30-1.15 $20 
Change your brain,
change your pain
… learn how
find stilllness and peace of mind 
12.30-1.15 $20
1.00 pm
*Yoga off the mat… Eastern Philosophy, Psychology 
and dharma discussions
Living Yoga darshan ,
1-2pm - Free
Shantiji (school terms)
Contentment in everyday life…
learn how
Your body keeps the score. Want to change your body? First change your mind… learn how







 2;00-4:00pm - free



*Children's Yoga
 4-4:45pm - free
*What's it all about?
The Yoga Sutras
2:00-3:30pm - free course
(conditions apply)
5.30 pm
stretch and tone
5.30-6.25 $20
stretch and tone
5.30-6.25 $20
stretch and tone
5.30-6.25 $20
stretch and tone
5.30-6.15 $20
6.30 pm
and Vinyasa
6.30-7.20 $25
Yoga for Stress Release, Pain Control grounding poses, gentle breath, quiet mind; lwr back care  
6.30-8pm $25
Deep, conscious relaxation 
and self healing,
Yoga Nidra 
6.30-7.30 $25
10-wk course
$195/$35 casual
Get out of your head and into your life…  
7.30 pm
 *Chanting after dark  
Hari bol: mantra, kirtan, bhajans
7:30-8:30pm free
Shantiji & teachers
8.00 pm
Mindfulness Meditation
find stilllness and peace of mind 
8-8:45pm $20
Start healthy living today @ Shanti's: 
Spring blossoming. A summer of Peace. Autumnal happiness. Winter Wellness. 
Yoga Class Fees
Shanti Yoga Casual
$20 per session
for any one class up to 55mins.

Bonus for back-to-back classes.
Pay $20 casually for your 1st class, and receive your second tag-on class for only $5 extra (55 min classes), or $10 for a longer class. The same gift applies to your third back-to-back tag on class. e.g. stretch-n-tone and meditation $25 or stretch and tone + hatha $30
Shanti Yoga 30 Day Pass $120 UNLIMITED 30 day membership Pay $120 for your 30 day pass, and receive a $50 discount for use at Nirvana Wellness Retreat, to be utilised during the validity of your pass. No rain checks.
Shanti Yoga Annual Pass $895 UNLIMITED annual membership pay $895 for an annual pass, and receive a FREE weekend retreat to the value of $596 (twin share), to be used during the validity of your pass. No rain checks.
What to bring:
Your yoga mat/meditation cushion is waiting for you. At Shanti Yoga we provide everything that you need for a comfortable experience. All you need to do is arrive and we’ll handle the rest. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon. 
Our Gold Coast Yoga Studio Facilities include:
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Non-slip Yoga mats, blocks, straps - no hire fee
  • Cushions and Pillows for relaxation/meditation/pranayama
  • Shawls and Blankets 
  • Towels
  • Filtered water
  • Air-conditioned studio - cool in summer, heated in winter
  • Natural bamboo timber floor in yoga studio  
  • Toilets that you can change in
  • Shoe rack and clothes hanging area
  • Lounge and waiting area
  • Shanti Yoga shop
  • Massage therapy rooms
  • Delicious, Ayurvedic, vegan, lunchbox meals $12

Dedicated to sharing the therapeutic and transformative practices of Shanti Yoga, we foster a supportive community to enhance physical health, mental clarity, spiritual growth and personal happiness of our members. The beautiful Shanti Yoga studio and restorative classes are everything you've been looking for and so much more. No experience necessary.

Everyone. It's yoga for all bodies - round, stick-like, stiff, flexible - anyone can do and benefit from the classes, regardless of how new or experienced you are. Seniors are welcome.

• Shanti Yoga is grounded in a tradition that focus on yoga as a form of mind-body-spirit transformation.

• The practice and curriculum has been personally designed by Yoga master, Shanti Gowans. Classes have a consistency of teaching driven by the committment to our teacher training courses. 

• Feel honoured by our locations and settings which immerse you in a beautiful, tranquil environment.

• Be fully guided through a transformational experience, using the physical posture (asana), breath (pranayama) and the mind (concentration, mindfulness, meditation) as a vehicle to enter the inner dimension of yoga, to reach the deepest levels of relaxation, tranquility, wellbeing, stillness and peace.


DAY    TIME            CLASS & FEE                                                  TEACHER/FACILITATOR
    09.15-10.15        Mindfulness & Breathing, pranayama $25        Shantiji
    10.15-11.30        Easy, Gentle and Healing Yoga $25                  Shantiji
    11.30-12.15        Relaxation and Meditation $20                          Shantiji   
    12.15 -01.00       Vegetarian Lunch $12
    01.15-02.00        Philosophical talk  FREE                                   Shantiji*
    02.00-04.00        Inspirational Movie FREE
    05.30-06.25        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                 Sonja
    06.30-07.30        Hatha Yoga $25                                                 Sonja*
    10.30-11.30        Restorative, grounding Yoga  $25                     Shantiji
    11.30-12.30        Yoga Wellness $25                                           Shantiji    
    12.30-01.15        Deep, conscious relaxation, yoga nidra $20    Shantiji
    05.30-06.25        Yoga stretch and tone $20                               Lynanne
    06.30-08.00        Yoga for stress release and pain control $25   Shantiji
                                             Deep rest, therapeutic stretches and restoration  - ideal for arthritis, chronic pain inflammation, movement disporder, 
    08.00-08.45         Mindfulness meditation $20                            Shantiji
    09.15-10.10        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                Hilary*
    04.00-04:45        Children's Yoga 5-9 years. Free                        TT*                                                       
    05.30-06.25        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                Sue
    06.30-07.30        Deep conscious relaxation, yoga nidra $20      Shantiji
    07.30-08:30        Hari bol: chant mantra, kirtan, bhajan FREE    Shantiji and teachers*
    10.30-11.30        Yoga for stress release and pain control $25     Shantiji
    11.30-12.30        Yoga easy, gentle, healing $25                          Shantiji    
    12.30-01.15        Mindfulness Meditation $20                               Shantiji  
    05.30-06.15        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                 Lynanne*
    06:30-07:15         Bollywood Dance (10 week term)                     Kamalaji*                      
    09.15-10.10        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                  Cheryl*
    10.15-11.10        Yoga stretch and tone $20                                  Sue
    11.15-12noon      Speak, Dramatise, Imrpovise $100/$35             Louise*     
    04.00-0600          Shanti Yoga Gold Coast walking tour/cycle      see dates on calendar              
* indicates classes conducted only during school terms
For various reasons, on the rare occassion, teachers may be changed. We apologise in advance.
CD of Shantiji's guided relaxation and meditations in her absences. No fee. 



About Shantiji

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television... Read more about Shantiji's biography

India-Nepal Tour

Travel with Shanti & Peter Gowans this November for a trip of a lifetime. 

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