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Transformational education

An undenominational
Educational and Wellness institution
that took birth in Melbourne, Australia in 1972
(then named Shanti Niketan,
which means ‘haven of peace’),
to give practical expression
to the wisdom teachings of the world.

Who am I?
What’s it all about?
What am I grateful for?
How shall I live?

Here students may come to learn
the reason for their life on earth,
how to serve and live in harmony
with the whole brother/sisterhood of life,
visible and invisible,
in health and happiness.

It’s Transformational Education


The College
shifting the paradigm of education
to one with soul

The Campus
the city hub and the rural retreat

The Meaningful Curriculum 
one that teaches you the skills
you really need to succeed in life,
skills that our regular education systems ignored,
such as
tranquility, health and wellbeing, leadership,
public speaking,
personal growth, happiness, love,
parenting, mindfulness, peace of mind
and much more.
The skills that truly lead to happier lives
and not outdated societal ideas of ‘success’.
The great aim of education is not knowledge,
but its application, as enlightened action.

The Incredible Teachers
who know that education is lifelong

The Community 
that works, plays, creates and supports each other.

HIA immerses the student in an ecosystem of
amazing, life-changing, healing classes, workshops,
tutorials, talks, retreats,
you can take a break from your routine,
shake things up
and gain new perspectives.

This is your spiritual home away from home,
focused on supporting and enriching
the inner development of the seeker
In a world fixated on
external wealth, power and appearance…
the inner calling that cannot be ignored
because it feels like home.
Every seeker’s journey is unique.
Here there is a feeling that you belong.
Fears of rejection and other anxieties
dissolve as you are accepted and honoured
just as you are,
without having to mould yourself to fit in.
Everyone here wants the best for you
and is here to help,
learning and growing with you,
all part of the tribe of lifelong students,
so you have a chance
to become the best version of yourself.
Come home now.

The Centre is the gold standard for other institutions of its kind. You have a lovely Centre as your spiritual home away from home. Here there is a feeling that you belong, that you are accepted and honoured just as you are, without having to mould yourself to fit in. The fear of rejection that seems to be ingrained into many human beings when we meet new people and expose ourselves disappears because you know that the team and everyone here wants the best for you and is here to help in the unique way that they can, and in so many ways is learning and growing with you, as being part of the tribe of lifelong students.  Added to the approachable, open-minded, into self-growth, humble, ecologically minded and deeply compassionate team are the amazing life changing healing classes, all of which brings the best out of us, so we have a chance to become the best version of ourselves.

As you experience life in a new place, HIA City Campus acts as the central hub for everyday student life, presenting amazing opportunities to network with a huge and diverse tribe of like-minded individuals, and to expand your social connections through interaction with both the student cohort and the Shanti Yoga local community. Here you expand your horizons, learn about different cultures, and collaboratively create a new model of education and community for the world. One that changes lives.

Here you learn from world-class teachers who walk their talk, mentoring you and leading by example to take whatever you are doing to the next level. The trans-generational learning (classes for adults and children), varied and full agenda of different workshops, tutorials, courses and talks, excursions and adventures allow for flexible learning to experience moments that light you up, and the social activities provide you incredible memories and lifelong friendships. Many of our past students have said that their experience with us has been the best days of their lives. Many come back regularly to reconnect and grow.

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