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Cultivating Mindfulness/ Silent Weekend Retreat

CULTIVATING MINDFULNESS MEDITATION in healing, health and stress reduction Silent Weekend Retreat It’s OK if the only thing you do today is breathe. Shanti Gowans Mindfulness (which means being watchful, present, aware, rather than watching something) opens us to our inner selves and our outer worlds. It is an unconditional way of …

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Calm Abiding – Weekend Retreat

Calm Abiding & The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Storms and hurricanes are not just coastal weather phenomena. They also represent the weather patterns of the mind. You are the centre of it all. Yet, at the eye of the storm is the still point, which is free from stress, …

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GRATITUDE Uncovering the Path of Grace – Weekend

Weekend Retreat 11-13 January 2019 Location: Nirvana Wellness Retreat, Beechmont Included: Meals, 2 nights’ accommodation, program Every day you experience moments that can only be described as life’s grace. Grace is the perfume of the divine, a feeling we wish to hold onto forever. Every moment of beauty, every acknowledgement, the …

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The Balanced Life Wellness Retreat – 7 days

January 4-11, 2019. Fri-Fri. Residential week THE BALANCED LIFE WELLNESS RETREAT – Summer Escape   A life-transforming week of heaven on earth at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary as you soak up spiritual and emotional tranquillity. Experience the simplest and most profound way to instantly change your body chemistry and create energy and focus. It is intimately …

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Dinner by Candelight – overnight celebration

NEW YEAR CELEBRATION at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary.  Enjoy the countdown to 2019 in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. Everyone welcome!   Join the Sanga at Nirvana, as we celebrate New Year’s Eve with fun and food!   Spend New Year’s day in silence and reflection, just chilling, with juices and fruit. …

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Peace in Every Breath SILENT MEDITATION Retreat – Weekend

Residential program 06-08 December 2019 The essence of Buddha-Nature is impermanence. Everything changes, all the time. This is attested by the breath. How we breathe reflects who we are and the manner in which we express ourselves – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mindful breathing, i.e. breathing peace, focuses on the breath in a natural, …

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