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Cancellation of Short Course Enrolment Fee

Fee Cancellation Your payment was cancelled Unfortunately, we cannot process your enrolment application until you have paid the required enrolment fee. You will still receive a copy of your enrolment application by email.  You may keep this for your records. If you would like to try again later You are …

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Shipping, Returns and Refunds

Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia Shipping, Returns and Refunds Policy Last Updated: 27th Sept 2018 Shipping Policy Within Australia Shipping is available all over Australia via Australia Post. It is calculated as a fee for shipping and handling, at checkout. If this is unavailable, please call our reception service for …

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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 27th September 2018 Welcome to our website! SHANTI YOGA HEALTH INSTITUTE AUSTRALASIA and its associates provide their services to you subject to the following conditions. SHANTI YOGA HEALTH INSTITUTE AUSTRALASIA operates the website (“our website”, “the website”, “this website”). If you visit our website, you accept these …

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