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Abundance and Creativity – 1-day workshop

March 24, 2019, Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Master your Relationship with Money

Imagine what you could do in your life, not just for yourself or your family, but for other people and the world, if you could master your relationship with money.

By understanding how money is really created and how it flows in and out of your life, you can learn to develop a trust in the ‘flow’.

Many people who are financially wealthy fear losing it. If you lost the wealth you have right now, of course, it would bother you and you would be upset. But knowing with certainty, that you can create it again, faster and easier than before is real freedom. The freedom that comes from knowing you will never be without the flow of money into your life is more valuable than having wealth alone, because it is something that cannot be taken away.

Come and:-

  • Explore the nature of your money blueprint
  • Remove the blocks from your past and develop a healthy, abundant mindset.
  • Understand the multi-dimensions of value and cost
  • Empower yourself with a healthy, prosperous mindset. Establish a blueprint for plentiful, over-sufficient quantity and supply as part of your abundance tools and resources.

Overflowing fullness is abundance from the heart. Prosperity is multi-dimensional.

Fee: 300. Free for current Adv Diploma Yoga students.

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