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The Balanced Life Wellness Retreat – 8 days

January 3-10, 2020. Fri-Fri. Residential week


Life transformational wellness retreat that allows you to understand the power of the universe through Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, and how to leverage this wisdom to create a life of greater happiness and fulfilment for you.

A life-transforming week of heaven on earth at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary as you soak up spiritual and emotional tranquillity. Experience the simplest and most profound way to instantly change your body chemistry and create energy and focus. It is intimately coupled with your neurology and physiology, and you can experience clarity of mind and relaxation in an instant. Experience the healing of self-awareness, focus, mindfulness and the breath’s energy, called prana, to prevent burnout, supercharge your immune system, increase physical healing, focused relaxation, inner peace and the power within you that responds to stress, illness, pain and fear. This is a week to unwind, eat delicious, healthy meals and rejuvenate.

Deeply nourish your wellbeing with the 3 wisdom traditions by living Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurvedic wellness. Yoga provides amazing teachings and practices for healing. Every day there will be two gentle, healing yoga practices that focus on breathwork, yoga stretching and mindfulness and relaxation, in our own 70-acre, peaceful Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary. We honour the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and harness the energy of the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars, and thus gain access to universal energy to contribute to the enlightenment and evolution of humanity. Experience a yogic-inspired, and Ayurvedic wholesome and natural approach to total renewal. The perennial wisdom of both Yoga and Ayurveda teach us to attune to the rhythms of nature and our body’s innate intelligence to enrich health, wellbeing, vitality and connectedness.

Featuring inspiring Ayurvedic health talks, explore a practical guide to Ayurvedic nutrition, discover self-care for healthy living, daily mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga as mind-body medicine, nature walks, optional Ayurvedic massages, delicious vegetarian food and time for R&R.

Cleansing is not just about ‘magic’ pills, sitting on the toilet for days or starving yourself. Medicine, elimination and diet must work together with education to safely eliminate the toxins we all have stored in our body’s tissues and memories. Wipe away all the clutter and toxicity to enable you to freely connect with your deeper mind and live in closer connection with your true spiritual nature.

Residential @ Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary, Beechmont, for 7 days, 21 delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals, detox herbal medicines, optional treatments, yoga, meditation, activities. and program.
$2275 for twin share, all meals, activities, program
$2625 solo, shared facilities, all meals, activities, program

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