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Calm Abiding – Weekend Retreat

Calm Abiding & The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Meditate. Live purely.  Be quiet. Do your work with mastery.  Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.


Storms and hurricanes are not just coastal weather phenomena. They also represent the weather patterns of the mind. You are the centre of it all. Yet, at the eye of the storm is the still point, which is free from stress, struggles and suffering. You can unveil the ocean of peace and happiness that lives within you. Meditation honours your intelligence and quest as a seeker. It liberates you from worry, fear and anxiety. Whether you are a beginner, or would like to advance to a deeper level, meditation offers profound results. Through meditation, you discover the lightness of your being, experience immense healing, emotional and spiritual benefits, and open up to a whole new world of insight.


is for you,
if you are craving a chance to slow down
and rediscover your own natural rhythm;

if you live in a noisy world and sense that an opportunity for peace and quiet
will do your body and soul a world of good;

if you are open to slowing your mind down,
being silent with new friends,
savouring solitude when that is what your spirit seeks;

if you are ready to receive
the gift of practical, life-affirming mindfulness skills
to learn to be in today’s over-busy world
in a healthier way
with an experienced teacher
with a vast body of work on Meditation and Yoga.

Come as you are.
Even if you have absolutely no prior experience
with mindfulness and any of its practices

This powerful yet simple practice
fosters calm and quiet
in today’s chaotic and noisy world
and can be used anywhere, any time.

It is easy to be at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary,
a sacred sanctuary
to cultivate the very best in the human heart.

Join our long-term meditators
for a supremely relaxing
and peace-filled experience
under the big and beautiful Queensland summer sky
to mindfully unplug and return to your Truth.

This program reveals the path to the attainment of the truth through an understanding of perennial wisdom. We need to find the point of nothingness which is within each and every one of us, and is the source or the centre of your being. When you access this state, the wisdom that stems from it is the wisdom beyond knowledge and ignorance, yet the source of all knowledge, a place where nothing is concealed and everything can be seen clearly, a place which leads you to inner peace.

Passing through the seven stages of the supreme quest, the seeker of the ultimate truth encounters a stage which has been called ‘Understanding’. This is the most important stage where one attains Self-realisation.

Residential weekend program 7-9 February 2020



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