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GRATITUDE Uncovering the Path of Grace – Weekend

Weekend Retreat 10-12 January 2020

Location: Nirvana Wellness Retreat, Beechmont

Included: Meals, 2 nights’ accommodation, program

Every day you experience moments that can only be described as life’s grace.

Grace is the perfume of the divine, a feeling we wish to hold onto forever.

Every moment of beauty, every acknowledgement, the warmth of a smile, a gentle breeze, a shower of rain, clouds, sunlight, stars are all moments of grace. Grace is everything good and also everything challenging that comes your way.

Every moment of grace is food for your soul.

The path of grace, once found, is clear. Following the path of grace in your life is to find the path that keeps you in the heart of life, reminding you that you are alive, despite the circumstances and everything else that is happening around you.

With grace there is no limit, only potential and possibility.

Grace is the God’s joy and laughter in this moment.

Receiving life’s grace is a path that is always giving, always uniting your hearts with the present.

In the spiritual practice of grace, you only want to be available, with deep humility and emptiness.

In meditation, when thoughts clear, and there is only space, gratitude creeps in.

There is a difference between gratitude and thanks. Gratitude hints at devotion. When you feel gratitude consistently, you are closer to the source, the ultimate energy, and supreme existence in the universe. The grateful mind is one of appreciation and praise, in honouring what you have already been given. Liberation and instant movement of energy follows.

Gratitude and grace are twin flames that dance brightly together.

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