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The God Kama, the god of lover's desire and his companion Ratî, temple of Parshvanath in Khajuraho - Photo:Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris

Life is Desire – retreat

8-12 April 2019 (5 days 4 nights) Residential Retreat


Desire is everything and everywhere.
Desire touches everything in the natural world.
It is powerful, pervasive and integral to the world in which we live.
On the physical, as on the intellectual and spiritual plane,
all creation, all invention, all imagination
is the fruit of desire.
We are verily formed of desire.

Shanti Gowans


  • Inspiring talks with discussion and Q & A
  • Loving your mind and body with daily meditation and gentle yoga
  • Delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals were you eat love, not stress
  • Detox medicines
  • Nature walks
  • Mindful art, and so much more.
  • Discover the tools you need to stay happy, healthy and whole, every day of your life.
  • Help your body heal and recover from stress, chronic illness, toxicity or poor nourishment, bad nutrition, digestive and eliminating issues
  • Align your energy centres with nature to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Experience a feeling of calmness, tranquillity and bliss

Return home with an upgrade in the quality of your life and work.

Retreat package fees:

Daily Weekend
3 days
2 nights
4 days,
3 nights
5 days,
4 nights
10 days,
9 nights
Twin-share $325 $650 $975 $1300 $2925
Single room $375 $750 $1125 $1500 $3375
Ensuite-twin $425 $850 $1275 $1700 $3825
Ensuite-single $445 $890 $1335 $1780 $4005

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To attend this weekend retreat, or all 10-days,  make a booking via our shop. Select 8-12th April (5 days 4 nights) for this event.
87 Binnaburra Rd, Beechmont, QLD 4211 Australia
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