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Public Speaking and Drama 8-week Course


Enjoy being the life of the party!
An Introduction to Public Speaking and Presentation Skills through Drama 
A 5-week course presented by producer Louise Hall.
Relaxed, fun, theatrical and public speaking 5-week course. 
There are moments in everyone’s life where we are called upon to speak to a group of people: special occasions for family, at work, at university, in a courtroom, a book group or neighbourhood meeting, the list goes on….

Whether you are a business person, a ‘shy” type, or someone who wants to better communicate your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, this course is for you. Enhance your impact the next time you give a presentation or speech, lead a discussion with colleagues, clients, customers and vendors, or even steer a conversation or interaction in a specific way. Learn specific ways to be a better speaker/presenter.

Convened by creative producer Louise Hall, Speak Easy 101 is an interactive and fun five-session course that will challenge and inspire you to present your “best self” and give you the skills to speak confidently in any public or inter-personal forum. 
Through the use of video examples, drama exercises and games, visualisation and theories from the best in the profession, you will learn about:
1)  Your voice, your instrument
2)  Body language
3)  Handling an impromptu topic
4)  Appropriate dressing to suit different venues and needs
5)  Performance technique, delivery and working with nerves
6)  How to use your unique personality to find your own signature style 
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Term 1 and Term 3
31 January 2019 and 18 July 2019
Course duration: 8 weeks
When: Thursday, 4.30-5.30pm

Course fee: $295 x 8 sessions or $49 drop-in.

1/126 Scarborough Street
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