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Silent Mind, Holy Mind/ Silent Weekend Retreat

Silent Mind, Holy Mind

Silent Weekend Retreat


  • Meditation as Nourishment
  • Touching, Connecting, Healing – the body, nature, the senses
  • Looking Deeply
  • Healing Feelings
  • Causes and Conditions – conditional arising; inter being; true nature; aggregates


  • will help you see the impact of self-judgement and blame
  • replaces the urge to try to fix everything
  • deepens your capacity to forgive yourself and others
  • increases your capacity to be present, which is crucial to the work of healing
  • helps you find compassion for a person that you don’t like
  • allows you to relax during uncertainty.


Residential weekend program 18-20 December, 2020 


Category: Nirvana Wellness Retreats
Venue: Nirvana Wellness Retreat 87 Binnaburra Rd, Beechmont
Date: Friday 18th December 2020

Phone: 0755310511

87 Binnaburra Rd, Beechmont, QLD 4211 Australia
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