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  • A (prefix) [ayurvedic-terms ]

  • Aadan kala [ayurvedic-terms ]

    Time of withdrawal of strength. According to Ayurveda, a year is divided into two periods or kalas, namely, adaan and visarga. Aaadan kala is also called utarayana (northern solstice). During this period the sun and wind become strong and take away the cooling properties of the earth. It starts from mid January to mid July. Ritus (seasons) included are Sisra (cold and dewy season); Vasanta (spring) and Grisma (summer).
  • Aahar prakaar [ayurvedic-terms ]

    Forms in which to eat food
  • Aahar rasa [ayurvedic-terms ]

    Food juice; nutrient plasma, chyle, taste. Substance produced after-gross digestion (for suitable digestive process to act upon for-formation of seven tissues and ojas), transformed with the help of agni.
  • Aahara [ayurvedic-terms ]

    Food; what we eat; necessary for life; dietetics
  • Aahara chatushtay [ayurvedic-terms ]

    Four forms in which food can be taken: chewed, drunk, licked and edible form
  • Aama [ayurvedic-terms ]

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