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How to join our online classes with the Zoom app

Prerequisites for joining an online class

  1. First, you must purchase a ticket to join one of our online classes, then you will receive an email with a link for joining the meeting.
  2. A little before the meeting is scheduled to start, log in to our website (so that our website recognises you and knows you have paid for the ticket).  You must be logged in for the link to work.
  3. Then follow the link provided by email to join the class.  Alternatively, find the class on this page upcoming online classes and click on the details link.


The Zoom app

If you have never used Zoom for joining online meetings, conferences or webinars, you will be prompted to download the app.  Just follow the prompts. Once the app is installed, you will automatically join the meeting.

If the zoom app is already installed on your computer,  you will get the following prompt when you click to join the meeting:-

  1. Click on the “Open Zoom” prompt:


2. Click on your choice of “audio conference options” for how you wish to hear and be heard audibly: via phone or via the microphone on your computer or device.


3. If using your computer or device audio system, simply click “Join with Computer Audio”


You can read more about joining a meeting via Zoom here.

Note: If you need to join the meeting from your smartphone, you can click the link to “Join via browser”.

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