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meditation faq

Meditation FAQ

A quiet mind, like quiet waters, reflects the world undistorted.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Why Meditate?

Throughout history, people have aspired to create societies that express the dignity of human existence within a wise, flourishing culture. This is the vision of Shanti Yoga, and the path creating this, is meditation.

However, people come to meditation for various reasons: to find a way to relax and reduce stress, to release the grasp of strong emotions, to experience freedom from the agitation in the mind, to understand more about how the mind works, or to complement their physical disciplines or their spiritual path.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not a so much a technique to master, as it is a re-orientation of the heart; a selfless act of love and surrender into the mystery and stillness at the core of our being. It is a process whereby we clarify and strengthen the mind so that it becomes more workable and useful. It arises from a very simple yet profound training that can help us develop a broader perspective on life as we uncover our basic human sanity.

The human mind is by nature joyous, calm and clear. Meditation shows us how to access these natural qualities and make them more stable. In meditation we are not trying to create a peaceful state. We’re letting our mind be as it is to begin with.

Contemplative practices bring a natural sense of wholesomeness, courage, wisdom and humour into our ordinary lives. Meditation provides approaches that propel us into higher states of consciousness. It helps us transfers energy from the destructive process of twenty-first century stressful lifestyles, into a creative process. We directly experience how expanding our own awareness can help us transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.

Meditation is more than a practice doctors recommend to patients. Increasingly, it may be one that helps doctors manage their own stress, and improve the care they provide to patients. According to a study conducted by the University of Rochester, meditation may also treat the pervasive burnout seen among doctors, who are faced with increasingly heavy case loads, busier schedules and more paperwork.

“Mindful communication is one way [for doctors] to feel more ‘in the game’ and to find meaning in their [medical] practice,” according to Dr. Michael S. Krasner, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Rochester and one of the study’s authors. In face, meditation is proving to be one of the few effective ways for doctors to find relief during their stress-ridden days.

Your Meditation Teacher

Anyone interested in meditation practice is encouraged to establish and on-going relationship with a teacher that involves regular training and study to help you progress and deal with obstacles to your practice, make the teaching personally relevant, and integrate the path of meditation into your daily life. The teacher is trained to provide instruction, support and guidance in the context of an ongoing life practice, designed to stabilise and strengthen your mind, and clarify your understanding of the teachings. Combining meditation practice and study will help you progress along the spiritual path. Our teacher is Shantiji.

No need to fret about enlightenment. No matter on which road you travel, you’re going home.
Shanti Gowans

Group Meditation Practice

The Shanti Yoga Health Institute offers a wide variety of classes, retreats and facilitator training programs in the experiential practices of meditation, deep relaxation and contemplative immersions. Group meditation helps you establish and sustain a regular personal practice. Group practice in a peaceful setting encourages and inspires home practice. It also allows you to connect with fellow meditators and fosters a sense of community. These are located at The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia, 1/126 Scarborough Street, Southport.

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Meditation Practice and Weight Loss

Restrictive dieting, extreme exercise, deprivation, and willpower are not how ‘naturally thin’ people think. Fighting your own biology is an impossible battle to win. If you don’t address the issues in your life, problems remain unsolved. The more beneficial approach is to work towards addressing the mental and emotional stresses in your life. This is why meditation can be a huge plus. Meditation is an effective way to manage the stresses in your life, reduce your cortisol and blood sugar levels, turn off your fat programs, cultivate inner peace and develop a practice that will serve you for life.

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