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Our sacred earth

The earth is a living, conscious being. We call space, air, fire, water and earth sacred because nothing can live without them. To honour the sacred is to make life and love possible.

As we head into times of great chaos and potential destruction, we need a vision of a positive future.

If we lived in a socially just and environmentally balanced world:-

  • What art might we create?
  • What new forms of healing might we practice?
  • What unimagined realms of the mind might we be free to explore?

Can you envision a world that has survived ecological and social catastrophes to become a place where no one goes hungry or homeless, streams flow through former streets, gardens are everywhere, and the culture has the strength and fortitude to resist invasion without turning to violence.

  • Where might our vision take us?
  • What would it feel like to live in a world that celebrates diversity, where art, joy, love and compassion take precedence over war and weapons?
  • How would we grow our food, produce what we need, educate the young and care for the old?
  • What would it look like to live in harmony with nature?
  • How would it feel to dedicate your life to a worthy mission?
  • How can you inspire others by living your vision?
  • What are the best ways to form alliances with partners in pursuit of a mission you share?
  • In this transformative time, what is the colour of change?

So that you can take an active part in the change called for by this time of global transformation, develop the tools you need to identify and shape your vision with renewed inspiration, and practical ideas for making the transition to a truly abundant, just and resilient world, we invite you to join us in our Touch The Earth program.

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About Shanti Gowans

Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community. Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television.

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