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Padabhyanga, Ayurvedic Foot massage

Ayurveda teaches that growing old is a process of dehydration. As we age, not only do we need to keep our diet enriched with hydrating elements, we also need to practice daily oleation to maintain optimum levels of unctuousness in the body, support proper circulation and keep the lymph moving.

Abhyanga refers to a special daily ritual to empower the body’s healing system and to promote overall wellness, through the practice of a full body massage with the appropriate oil.

Abhyanga refers to a massage of the body towards the direction of the movement of arterial blood. In practical terms this refers to massaging the body in the direction of the body hair, so as to increase the blood flow towards the most distal parts of the body and to avoid overwhelming the heart with increased venous return which would be the case if the massage was done towards the heart or in the direction opposite to that of the body hair.

The word abhyanga is composed of abhi and anga. Abhi has been interpreted as ‘to rub’ and anga means ‘limb’.

Pada means ‘feet’.

In India touching the feet of an elder, teacher or respected person is a way of greeting that pays your respect to them. In some households, children touch the feet of their parents daily, in others, on special occasions, and in return, their parents give them their blessings. It is a very sweet, humbling and symbolic gesture.

The Ayurvedic foot massage, known as Padabhyanga is more than symbolic. It is a practical way towards healthier, happier feet. It helps in several ways. For instance, it:-
• relaxes tired feet and legs – particularly for those with a lifestyle that tires the feet.
• prevents the occurrence of corns over the feet
• is a massage with oil, which is why it is so very nourishing and moisturising.
• relieves stiffness along the arch of the foot
• allays the tired feeling or restlessness experienced in the foot
• improves your circulation, which addresses the numbness in the feet.
• softens the texture of the soles.
• tones the muscles of the foot.
• releases heat and makes you feel calm and cool, relaxed, refreshed and yet revitalised.
• is totally natural. There are no electronic gadgets, batteries or any chemical creams or treatments used.
• is a very easy and comfortable experience.
• is a great way to spend some relaxing time with yourself.

Touching your mother’s feet
Mother’s day would be a great time to see your mum and let her enjoy a unique, unexpected, relaxing experience with a loving, special touch of the feet that will make her smile and make you happy too.

Experience Ayurvedic Wellness

Achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle, vibrant with the perennial wisdom from the ancient Indian science of life, known as Ayurveda. Your participation in our student clinics, for free health assessments, $30 student massage, or a practitioner consultation can be the start of your revolution into natural health. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family and community. Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television.

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