About your Premium Membership

Premium Membership includes our Premium-30, Premium-90 and Premium-365 Membership Plans.

Your Premium Membership:-

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  • Gives you a Shanti Yoga Pass to attend all classes in our Timetable of Classes during the validity of your membership.
  • It also confers a number of discounts, including a discount towards a weekend retreat.



You are eligible for a  number of discounts when you have one of our premium plans.

  • You must be logged in before making a purchase of an event ticket or a product in our online shop.  The system will then automatically apply your discount (as long as your membership is still valid).  So please be sure to log in before making any purchases online!
  • To view a list of the products or event tickets for which you will get a discount, you must first log in, then go to your Shopping Account > Memberships > Discounts

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: When does my Shanti Yoga Pass start being effective?

Answer: You may start using your Shanti Yoga Pass immediately after you have paid for your Premium-30 Membership.  You will receive a purchase order receipt by email – just bring it with you to your next class.  In the meantime, our office staff will produce a printed copy of your 30-day Shanti Yoga Pass, and your $50 gift voucher, for collection at reception.  Please allow 1-2 working days for the printed copy to be made available.

Question: Can I delay the start-date of my membership?

Answer: If you don’t want to start using your Premium-30 Membership and 30-day Shanti Yoga Pass immediately, that is OK – just contact our staff before they print your Shanti Yoga Pass, and ask for an adjustment to your start date.  After you pay for membership, you can send our staff an email, quoting your order number, and asking for the start date to be deferred. (Your order number will be emailed to you after payment is processed).

Question: Is this a single payment, or a subscription which renews automatically?

Answer: This is a single payment, NOT a subscription.  Your membership will not renew automatically.  However, you will be sent a reminder a few days before your membership expires, so that you can choose to:-

  • Renew online
  • Upgrade to a higher plan (for 90 or 365 days)
  • Do nothing. (You may choose not to renew, without any need to cancel. Your membership will simply cease and you will lose free access to our classes and other membership benefits until you renew later or join again.)

Question: How to renew my membership?


  1. You will receive an email reminder a few days before your membership is due for renewal, and you can click the link in your email to renew.
  2. If your membership is expired, you can log in then go to My Shopping Account > Membership and click Renew from there.