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Relaxation Therapy

Healing & Transformation with Deep Relaxation Therapy

Our Deep Relaxation and Meditation products work quickly and effectively by accessing and communicating directly with the subconscious mind. The critical, rational mind is suspended while old programming is released and what you prefer is employed. Change is rapid.

You can end destructive habits such as negative self-talk, internet addiction, bondage to the past, etc.

They are also effective for:-

  • Achieving maximum creativity and confidence
  • Directing one’s inner life with a powerful focused intention
  • Easy birthing
  • Empowering one’s ability to speak up in any situation
  • Clarifying options during transitions (such as career change, empty nest, menopause, illness, death of a loved one)
  • Pain reduction
  • And so on

They are truly beneficial for almost any goal.

Relaxation always leads to the same physical reactions.

These are:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Slowed respiration
  • Lowered oxygen consumption
  • Reduced muscle tension

Common Relaxation Therapies

Many of today’s relaxation treatments do not teach skills directly related to body relaxation.

Psychoanalysis, EST, Primal scream, transactional analysis and many other treatments may be useful, but they do not really teach methods for reducing physical or mental tensions and increasing body relaxation. Instead, they focus on the analysis of expression of your feelings.

What about medication?

YOU must understand that peace, tranquility and health are not to be found in bottles of medicine. It is difficult to understand why so many people are ignorant of the simple, drug-free and effective methods available through yoga, relaxation, pranayama, and meditation, for the treatment of stress and tension.

Meditation, pranayama and relaxation therapy works more wonders than medication can!

What about Relaxation and Sport?

Relaxation techniques can be useful in sport in several ways. One example is to reduce the level of anxiety before a match; another is to reduce unwarranted tension. Obviously, the chances of success, when using relaxation techniques, are higher.
Relaxation is also used to improve sporting skill and techniques. The sports person is deeply relaxed and then encouraged to perceive themselves performing their skills very well. To succeed in one’s imagination is an excellent prelude to success.

Ideally, a program for tension problems should teach:

  • The basic relaxation response so that you can eliminate tension from your body and enjoy a deep sense of relaxation.
  • Additional relaxation skills to use throughout the day so that you can minimise muscle tension almost anywhere.

To practice relaxation only while lying down does not, in this day and age answer the needs or very many people. It has to be brought into day to day living.

Our Relaxation Practices arise from Vedic teachings: Yoga and Ayurveda together with Buddhist and Judeo-Christian spirituality.
Join our classes. You will find Shantiji to be empathetic, intuitive and grounded.
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