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  • Our Yoga Studio on the Gold Coast is air-conditioned in summer / heated in winter

  • Welcome to our Gold Coast Yoga Centre

  • Yoga mats are provided

  • Yoga studio

  • Lounge / waiting area

  • Lunchbox $12

    Delicious, weightloss, vegan, lunchbox meals $12

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how to breathe yoga

How to breathe

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2019 Events Summary

2019 CALENDAR January 1, 2019 New Year’s Day Breathing Space. 7:30am-8pm. $395 Day of noble silence: In silence we grow, in stillness we heal. Jan 4-11, 2019 The Balanced Life Wellness Retreat, DETOX AVAILABLE Jan 7, 2019 Centre re-opens. Holiday timetable at Shanti Yoga Centre, Southport Jan 11-13, 2019 Gratitude: Uncovering the Path to …

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2019 Retreats Summary

2019 RESIDENTIAL RETREATS Profound Healing, Sustainable Wellbeing See Events Calendar and click for more detail on each event. Date Retreat 28 Dec 2018-4 Jan 2019 The Calling of Joy: How to live, love, laugh and last a lifetime Ayurveda detox medicines available 31 Dec 2018-1 Jan 2019 New Year’s Eve …

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Ayurveda Consultations

Health Assessments: Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation Ayurveda is a natural, safe, holistic, non-invasive and cost-effective. Digestive health and wellness have been Ayurveda’s specialty for 5,000 years. Shanti Yoga-Health Institute Australasia and Nirvana Wellness Retreat’s clinics have helped thousands of clients discover the cause behind issues such as digestive and bowel health, fatigue, …

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