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  • Our Yoga Studio on the Gold Coast is air-conditioned in summer / heated in winter

  • Welcome to our Gold Coast Yoga Centre

  • Yoga mats are provided

  • Yoga studio

  • Lounge / waiting area

  • Lunchbox $12

    Delicious, weightloss, vegan, lunchbox meals $12

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Being diligent with your daily routines, exercising a lot, eating well, and doing the ‘right’ things by your body would be enough to keep you in good health physically, and emotionally strong. Yet, many people report that there appears to be a missing link, something that’s not quite right with their body, which is …

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2019 Events Summary

2019 CALENDAR January 1, 2019 New Year’s Day Breathing Space. 7:30am-8pm. $395 Day of noble silence: In silence we grow, in stillness we heal. Jan 4-11, 2019 The Balanced Life Wellness Retreat, DETOX AVAILABLE Jan 7, 2019 Centre re-opens. Holiday timetable at Shanti Yoga Centre, Southport Jan 11-13, 2019 Gratitude: Uncovering the Path to …

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2019 Retreats Summary

2019 RESIDENTIAL RETREATS Profound Healing, Sustainable Wellbeing See Events Calendar and click for more detail on each event. Date Retreat 28 Dec 2018-4 Jan 2019 The Calling of Joy: How to live, love, laugh and last a lifetime Ayurveda detox medicines available 31 Dec 2018-1 Jan 2019 New Year’s Eve …

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