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  • Our Yoga Studio on the Gold Coast is air-conditioned in summer / heated in winter

  • Welcome to our Gold Coast Yoga Centre

  • Yoga mats are provided

  • Yoga studio

  • Lounge / waiting area

  • Lunchbox $12

    Delicious, weightloss, vegan, lunchbox meals $12

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What Happens at Retreat?

Unwind. Unplug. Eat well. Move well. Chill out. Experience peace of mind. Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary is a scenic haven, an hour’s drive away from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Retreats at Nirvana hold the space for transformation to occur. Using the tools for healing, sanctuary, mindfulness-heartfulness, yoga, Ayurveda, nature, community and opportunities …

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Retreat Dates and Themes

gold coast retreat views

At Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary on the Gold Coast hinterlands, Yoga, Ayurveda, breathwork and meditation work synergistically together delivering innovative, non-invasive and non-toxic ways that empower your mind and body for self-healing, manage pain, achieve well-being and discover inner peace and happiness. The perennial wisdom of Yoga provides amazing teachings and practices for healing. You will uncover …

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