Namaste! A warm welcome to Shanti Yoga, home of leading Gold Coast yoga classes, yoga teacher training, meditation and ayurveda courses.


What we offer is holistic, healing and unique: quality services and great value. It’s all you need to experience a healthy, happy and inspired lifestyle and achieve the ultimate goal of being human: a life of love, wisdom, authenticity, healing, fulfillment and purpose.
Experience the benefits of gentle, hatha yoga, body toning, joint mobility, posture and balance exercises, calm breathing practices, meditation and deep, deep relaxation like no other.
In addition to Meditation and Yoga master, Shanti Gowans, who teaches 'peace in every breath', all our teachers and staff are genuine in their commitment and dedication to providing quality levels of service to you. Even if you've never stepped foot into a yoga or meditation class before, we encourage you to come along and give Shanti Yoga a try. 
Through our daily programs, Shanti Yoga provides a place where you can feel deeply nurtured and connected, transform attitudes, enjoy a happier and more peaceful state of mind and a lightness of spirit.
With multi-level classes suitable for all ages, all bodies, all shapes and sizes, the Shanti Yoga practice style is suitable for beginners and progressing students, no matter what level of health, fitness or strength you have at the moment.  
Our Southport studio on the Gold coast is open 6 days a week with classes that are well balanced, holistic and totally relaxing. Feel welcome to call us to discuss your needs or drop by the Southport centre to speak to one of our helpful staff members.  
In addition to the ongoing weekly classes you can enjoy the ultimate 'time out' escape and rejuvenation at our very own Gold Coast Yoga and Meditation Retreat, a hinterland sanctuary helping people manage general life stress, professional burn out, sleep difficulties, anxiety and so on. The natural setting is exceptional and lends itself to personal renewal. Our specialty has been in addressing health conditions such as headaches, poor digestion, skin and hair issues, tiredness, weightloss, stress reduction, constipation, circulation issues, arthritis, joint and back pain, hormone balancing and so on. All up, it’s the ultimate in ‘me-time’, with life changing after effects and enthusiasm for a new life.
Shanti Yoga also offers a high caliber of education in yoga teacher training and ayurvedic natural medicine courses and programs. These courses are government accredited with austudy, youth allowance and rent assistance benefits for eligible domestic students and CRICOS approved with study visas for international students. Our courses are the perfect blend of theory and practice and take into account the growing public interest in holistic care, self-care, stress reduction, personal development and complementary therapies. Other short courses include workplace assessment and training, ayurvedic vegetarian cooking, ayurvedic massage, meditation instructor training, ayurvedic beauty, children’s yoga training, public speaking, philosophy and spirituality, sanskrit and more.

You can enjoy a life of extraordinary health, vitality, wellbeing and peace of mind at Shanti Yoga classes. 
With our long standing experience of over 40 years, Shanti Yoga has become one of the country’s most reputable in the industry. There’s excitement, community, conversation and no matter what, we come through for you, with a quality product and unsurpassed level of expertise and experience.
Let our sanctuary become yours.
 Take time to relax, unwind, restore your mind and body at Shanti Yoga and in the words of Shanti Gowans:
Slow down, 
Expand your heart,
Still your mind, 
Nourish your body, 
Honour your soul, 
Embrace the whole.


A message from the CEO
For today…yesterday…tomorrow
Thank you.
Thank you for your continual love and support as together we forge a path for students and teachers of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and wellness arts.
Gratitude is the heart's memory.
Everyday I am deeply touched and reminded that there are a lot of remarkable people doing great things in the world. Values drive behaviour. Motivated by goals that have deep meaning, dreams that need completion, and love that needs expressing, you truly live.
Slow down, breathe and dive deep within.
Spiritual practice provides the means of coming home to yourself. 
In the moment you are infinite. 
Infinite gratitude. Infinite blessings
May you always feel love.
Namaste, Shantiji


After researching Yoga on the Gold Coast I found Shanti Yoga. Not only does Shanti in my opinion offer the best holistic healing service, I also found the center to have the best price which is very refreshing. Being a business owner with a few health issues I am very relieved after only 1 week I am back at work and am very impressed with
Shanti Yoga.
                                    Tony Legge

What's On at Shanti Yoga 
in addition to your weekly timetable
1. Spiritualising anger and cultivating shakti: weekend retreat. 25-27 April
5 weeks. Starts Monday 28 April, 7pm
Thurs 4.30-5.15pm. Starts 1st May
Thurs 5.30-6.15pm. Starts 1st May
Thurs 6.30-7.15. Starts 1st May
6. Chair Yoga Teacher Training weekend course 3-4 May.
November 2014