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From NIRVANA Wellness Retreat Sanctuary

views from nirvana wellness retreat

Some experiences can only be felt and cherished. A retreat at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary is one of these. The ambiance of glorious views in nature, the appreciation, love, and affection bestowed upon everybody, and the divine experience at Nirvana is just ethereal. Interacting with lovely people and the bonding shared …

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The Healing Effects of Silence

Silence, retreat, and meditation are the main ingredients many people are discovering to find and live in the heart of awareness. These are precious days, free from your daily story and all that you are doing. Silence is therapeutic on all levels and at the same time is a doorway …

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It’s time to flow with the universe

Shanti Gowans

Every day each of us makes a multitude of choices that will impact our lives.  When the choices are minor, they may impact our lives for the next few minutes, hours or days, while others will completely change the direction of our lives. Our ability to make choices implies certain rights and freedoms. …

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Ayurveda and Allied Therapies at Shanti Yoga Centre

ayurveda courses

In this rapidly changing response and management to COVID-19, our practitioners and consultants are still able to continue working from our Southport Centre and Gold Coast Retreat, offering services in our disciplines. Our practitioners have the valuable and necessary training in herbs, medicines, therapies, and practices to support your immune system. At HIA …

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From me to you

If only everyone thought and felt what we wanted them to, wouldn’t that make life easier? Well, perhaps easier, but not necessarily more fulfilling. We cannot control any other person’s behaviour. Even while it seems to us that someone else is acting irrationally, or being inconsiderate, they are behaving from their reality, based on the feelings they are …

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New massage therapists

Catherine & Tanya join our team We are pleased to introduce you to our therapists, Catherine, who studied Ayurveda at the Sunshine Coast before becoming part of our team and Tanya, who was a physiotherapist to the Para Olympic team in Bulgaria. Please book at reception for a lovely, gentle, …

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