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From me to you

If only everyone thought and felt what we wanted them to, wouldn’t that make life easier? Well, perhaps easier, but not necessarily more fulfilling. We cannot control any other person’s behaviour. Even while it seems to us that someone else is acting irrationally, or being inconsiderate, they are behaving from their reality, based on the feelings they are …

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New massage therapists

Catherine & Tanya join our team We are pleased to introduce you to our therapists, Catherine, who studied Ayurveda at the Sunshine Coast before becoming part of our team and Tanya, who was a physiotherapist to the Para Olympic team in Bulgaria. Please book at reception for a lovely, gentle, …

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We are in the midst of very eventful times

Nirvana Wellness Retreat

Shanti & Peter Gowans move to Nirvana Having sold our home in Paradise Waters, we are now residing at Nirvana Wellness Retreat Sanctuary, in Beechmont, S.E. Queensland. My personal philosophy is ‘bloom where you are planted’…. away from the hustle and bustle of the rat race, simply surrounded by nature, …

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The day the world ended

The world had ended, and I was the only person who knew it. The streets were full of people walking on them as if the earth hadn’t crumbled beneath their feet. They appeared to breathe in and out, but I knew that the air had been sucked out of their heart …

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Being True to Yourself

We go to extreme lengths to avoid feeling vulnerable. We are willing to lie to ourselves about what we want, who we really are, and what our true intentions are. We close our eyes, shift truths, often sabotage ourselves, reinforcing these and other defences where needed. Because to be vulnerable …

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Shiva Shambo

shiva natraj

Overcoming the laws of physical nature is a spiritual process. Shiva is an example of this, and the ultimate outlaw. In Indian tradition, Shiva has many forms, each of which represents a powerful possibility for inner evolution. Here we look at a few, to understand the basis of each portrayal …

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Thought of the day

Random Reflections and Spiritual Thoughts 2019   9 June Consciousness necessarily demands events, real occurrences in space and time. Events can only occur if they are recorded in the mind. These events are the registrations in consciousness we call  ‘observations.’ But such occurrences, although they themselves result in order arising out …

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Kindness and consideration

Being considerate of others is an integral part of what it means to be human. Charles Darwin would have agreed. He argued that our instinct to be considerate is even stronger than our instinct to be self-serving. As obvious as that may seem, only recently has neuroscience has been able …

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