What is Shanti Yoga? 

Namaste, my name is Shanti Gowans, visionary founder and creator of Shanti Yoga.

Shanti Yoga serves the purposes and needs of participants beyond that of exercise.

The benefits of yoga are multi-dimensional, and beyond the general perception of it being an ‘exercise’ option. Yoga is not a work-out, it is a ‘work-in’ decoding the body’s wisdom within the one, ever changing, permanent ‘now’, which is constantly experiencing itself.

Wanting more for my patients and students, I embarked upon a journey to develop a united philosophy of mental, physical and spiritual health, that equips participants with the interdisciplinary tools necessary for them to heal themselves. After experiencing the life-changing results myself, I began to share what I had learnt with others, and soon Shanti Yoga was born.

Shanti Yoga is a whole health educational approach to restore and revitalise the mind and body, incorporating Ayurvedic rituals, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, sound and more. Clarity, purpose, strength and action is what yoga reveals in us all.

Shanti Yoga has been established for 50 years with groundings, protocol and somatic techniques drawn from Eastern wisdom traditions and Western science, as well as from the latest research, a diversity of healing modalities and human spirituality that connects us to the sacred. Thus Shanti Yoga offers both a manifesto for self-healing and an essential guide to creating a more vibrant, authentic and joyful life.

The older we get, and the more Yoga we teach, the more we realise how important the full scope of yoga’s tradition is, and how important Yoga’s fundamentals are. We cannot build a tall building without a solid foundation. The first move towards life mastery is always inwards - learning who you really are, and reconnecting with that innate force. The codes of creation are present here. When these are energetically evoked, a practitioner can explore the vibrational relationships within the electromagnetic, multi-dimensional streams of consciousness.

Information can be found everywhere these days, and there is a proliferation of the forms of yoga taught today. The form is immaterial, because it is the fundamental essence that is all powerful. Once the fundamentals have been mastered, one goes beyond form, and even beyond the frameworks of ‘health’ or ‘wellness’ as Yoga includes tools for self-actualisation and thriving. Wisdom is the more rare and valuable jewel, which, when cut and polished to a person’s own unique life and health shape, reveals the rarest jewel: applied wisdom.

Shanti Yoga offers you the support and tools that will allow you to break free from destructive behaviour and to reclaim and recreate your life. The adverse experiences and traumas from childhood, which live with a person, and activate harmful stress ,responses that keep them stuck by engaging in patterns of codependency, emotional immaturity and trauma bonds, often result in whole body dysfunction. Unless recognised and addressed, these self-sabotaging behaviours can quickly become cyclical, leaving people feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and unwell. Shanti Yoga offers nothing short of a paradigm shift. It is a celebration of empowerment that will change the approach to mental health and self-care forever.

Unlike a myriad other paths of ‘awakening’, which start with a presumption of separation, and work directly or indirectly back to our true nature, Shanti Yoga starts with your true nature, and stays there. Here, in this placeless place of effortless here-and-now, your inherently peaceful and luminous nature pervades and outshines the entirety of your experience.

Shanti Yoga encourages you to make a lifelong commitment to your own awakening, healing and self development. In reality, there is no pathway from yourself to yourself. You are already that.

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SHANTI YOGA™ is a holistic comprehensive system of yoga developed by yoga master Shanti Gowans.

Shanti Gowans developed the comprehensive system of yoga called Shanti Yoga™ when she first moved from India to Australia in 1972. In 1995, Shanti Gowans registered the educational faculty ’The Meditation Institute’ which later on in 2003 became a Registered Training Organisation offering accredited courses in Ayurveda and Yoga. In 2010 Shanti and the team decided to change the name of the training organisation to Health Institute Australia, now Health Institute Australasia broadening the scope of study options for students.

Our Gold Coast based Shanti Yoga Centre is a holistic yoga, meditation and ayurvedic health centre. Shanti Yoga Centre offers an outstanding education, research and healthcare place with an incredible healing vibe and an atmosphere of fun, support and peace.

We are your other home.


  • Yoga classes and workshops
  • Yogic studies and yoga teacher training
  • Meditation classes and courses
  • Personal growth opportunities
  • Ayurvedic studies and practitioner training
  • Herbal remedies and treatments
  • Wonderful massage therapy
  • Meditation retreats at our Nirvana Wellbeing Centre in the Gold Coast hinterlands

  • Vegetarian meals & Cooking classes
  • Health management
  • Living English classes
  • Public speaking through drama
  • Sanskrit
  • Chanting (kirtan)
  • Classical Bharat Natyam and contemporary Bollywood Indian dance
  • Trips to India

You may visit our Shanti Yoga Centre or shop online for a variety of books, ayurvedic medicines, yoga accessories and more. Ayurvedic consultations and treatments are available. Please contact us to book.

Shanti Yoga Centre is the home for our Ayurveda and Yoga School - the Health Institute Australasia. The centre, including our yoga studio and campus, is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, with proximity to shops, beaches, libraries and other facilities.

The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia owned Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat is delightfully located in the Gold Coast hinterland, amongst the picturesque mountains of Beechmont. There are 70 acres of spectacular ecologically managed farmland, providing a perfect backdrop for the work of practical training in organic gardening, or the holding of yoga teacher training classes as well as ayurvedic cooking and nutrition workshops.

We offer the highest yoga qualification you can obtain - not only in Australia, but in the world.


Shanti Yoga Centre maintains an uplifted and supportive healing environment that fosters a community of health practitioners, teachers, students, interns and volunteers that helps you co-create and contribute to an enlightened world. The Shanti Yoga Centre culture, atmosphere and environment is one of colour, unpretentiousness and friendliness.