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My name is Shanti Gowans, and I am the CEO of Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia.
I was born and educated in India, and now live with my husband on the Gold Coast in Australia, where I am still learning my Australian way.

Shanti Gowans, founder of Shanti Yoga
Shanti Gowans
Shanti Yoga Founder
Yoga Teacher Trainer

Shanti Gowans Profile

I started teaching yoga in Australia in 1972, and have devoted my life to intensive study towards making the practice of holistic, classical yoga accessible to people of all abilities. Through a lifetime of committed practices, study, education and travel, I have gained a vast body of deep knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda and distilled this into everyday teachings. I enjoy sharing these insights and wisdom with others. I've reached the point of success in my life, which allows me to give back in a major way. A huge part of my success is because of the many wonderful and loyal teachers, students, patients and support staff that I have been fortunate to have journeyed with during my years of practice. To them I will always be eternally grateful. I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

I believe in wellness naturally. I believe that the natural, health practices and methods of uniting the worlds of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda provide the best options to live a healthy life. These paths share the common understanding that all disease is rooted in the mind’s disharmony with one’s heart, and it is a special and exciting time for the emergence of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda throughout the health and wellness industry.

Every single day I am aiming to meet new and sometimes demanding goals that I have set for myself. On a day to day basis, I have the pleasure and honour of being able to guide, teach and assist others holistically, through several traditional, healing modalities in both private and public practice. These include the spiritual arts of YOGA and MEDITATION, the health science of AYURVEDA, and the performing arts of INDIAN MUSIC AND DANCE. My work is a marriage between my cultural and experiential background, which has provided a solid grounding for the healing work we do, and my aspirations to be of service in the very best way that I can.

I have been extremely privileged to have learnt from great teachers and from several disciplines, starting with my Indian family who I loved, and laughed, cried, savoured food, beauty and the joys and struggles of life with. My extended family has been the Ramakrishna Order of monks and nuns who initiated me into Advaitic Vedanta for which my gratitude holds no bounds. These Vedic teachings, together with practices and perspectives from Yoga, Ayurveda and Theravada Buddhist philosophies have enabled me to spend my lifetime refining the 'yoga of life' through which we combine harnessing nature's medicinals (plants and other natural substances), with common-sense elements such as diet, exercise and cleanings, as well as the most profound principles for spiritual and psychological transformation. I have enjoyed many decades developing an umbrella teaching organisation which delivers yoga, meditation, ayurveda, culture and dance and is international in its scope and is nationally accredited.

The transmission of knowledge from master to disciple can be oral, symbolic or direct. The uniqueness of Shanti Yoga™ is the direct transmission, or direct introduction in which master and student find themselves in the primordial presence at the same moment, through one of the experiences related to the body, voice or mind. Due to the power of the transmission, the students are able to discover their own real condition in this way. If you are interested in receiving direct transmission, please attend my classes and be prepared to be a student. 'Guru' means master. 'Yoga' means having the knowledge or understanding of one's own, authentic, infinite state, the essential condition in which there is nothing to change or modify. This is the state of the guru. It is achieved by bringing the distinct and authoritative aspects of study and practice into proper balance, which is the main element in Shanti Yoga™. You will work with the most profound and fundamental teachings and a series of practices in the Shanti Yoga™ tradition, which I have developed so that everyone can participate easily, at their own level. These include: The Healthy Body series, The Healthy Back series, Healthy Joints series; The Breath series, The Subtle Energy Body initiations, Chair Yoga, Children's Yoga, The Nature of the Mind, Taming, Training and Transcending the Mind, in order to have a concrete experience of consciousness, and on the primordial dimensions of emptiness, which serves as a base for manifesting clarity. Various stages lead to the final result of ultimate happiness and liberation. The path progresses the aspirant through three major visions that explain the state of those experiencing suffering, those engaged in the methods leading towards freedom from unhappiness and misery and those fully enlightened ones who have attained the highest goal of omniscient awakening. The unique teachings of the extraordinary masters cover the entire Vedic and Buddhist path, from the time of entering the spiritual discipline to the attainment of full and perfect enlightenment. In a very direct and simple manner, Shanti Yoga™ leads the aspirant step-by-step over the vast path culminating in ultimate peace.

At Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australasia and Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, you will find a space and place where you can feel deeply nurtured and connected, sustain your body, mind and spirit, and touch your innate gifts. Our commitment and dedication to supporting your work-life balance and spiritual evolution is glaringly obvious from the full range of programs, services and products we have created. These present unparalleled expertise and sources of knowledge, and are a pedigree worthy of respect.

We are surrounded by and cultivate a wonderful community, through which we work. This gives us greater flexibility and puts a certain 'magic' into what we offer. Our facilitators, practitioners, therapists and teachers walk their talk. They have an absolute passion for the work and a willingness to share it. We do our best for every student and for all human beings. My gratitude is boundless.

We are here because of your support and trust in our vision and what we do. I wish to acknowledge and thank all of you who help to keep the wisdom and compassion traditions of the past alive for the future, and for making these forty plus years possible. We hope you will stay with us for the journey.  Moving forward, we will stay true to our mission to make the wisdom teachings as packaged through Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism and Meditation available to all who are interested. We are committed to inclusion, relevance, integrity, wisdom and compassion.