The Shanti Yoga Team

Shanti Gowans
Yoga Teacher Trainer

Our team is led by CEO Shanti Gowans, born in India. After completing her BA at the University of Mumbai, Shanti spent several years travelling around the world as an international guest speaker with global and cosmic perspectives. Whilst on the speakers' circuit, Shanti taught and lectured with Deepak Chopra in Sydney, Australia.

Shanti also brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs which appeared on Australian national television for 3½ years on channel 10. Shanti Gowans is truly a remarkable and inspirational teacher and has developed life-changing courses with true dedication and respect for the ancient and authentic science of yoga and ayurveda.

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Peter Gowans
Dip Ayurveda
Financial director for The Health Institute Australasia
Director, Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat
CEO One World Productions

Peter Gowans is the student financial director for The Health Institute Australasia.  He owns and operates the beautiful Nirvana Wellness Retreat in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. Peter Gowans holds a Diploma in Ayurveda from his studies with Prof. P.H. Kulkarni.

Peter Gowans' interest in Yoga, Ayurveda and everything Indian was inflamed when he met Shantiji in 1972. In 1976 he was initiated by Swami Rudranandaji of the Ramakrishna Mission, and since then has actively dedicated himself to the spiritual path and has opened up pathways for aspirants to travel to sacred placed in India and attend the beautiful Nirvana Wellness Retreat, which he owns and operates in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. Peter Gowans holds a Diploma in Ayurveda from his studies with Prof. P.H. Kulkarni. He is the student financial director for Health Institute Australasia.

In his 'other' profession, Peter Gowans is the CEO of the highly versatile One World Productions, with wide-ranging interests in the performing and visual arts. Having worked for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) in Melbourne, where he cut his teeth in television production and filmmaking, Gowans has directed and produced a wide range of documentary films and features, drama, art and culture, religious services, sports coverage, news magazines, and lifestyle programmes.

Peter Gowans has a passion for social justice and improving the lives of people through community initiatives. He is an active member of the Rotary Club Broadbeach, working to provide support services for a plethora of charity work including Polio Plus, Scooters, Marine reach for the Pacific, Cope (limbs for mine victims in Laos) and for street and working children on the Gold Coast.

OUR ADVISORY BOARD provides the objective advice found to be most successful for creating effective policies, choosing best practices, setting expectations with respect to time, responsibilities, outcomes, organisation, communication, information and opening hearts and doors. Shanti Yoga™ teachers, administrators, strategic planners, directors of education and curriculum and our CEO regularly liaise with the people on our advisory board to look at implementing change in the existing Teacher Training courses.

  • CEO and Founder, Health Institute Australasia, Mrs Shanti Gowans
  • Director, NirvanaWellness Sanctuary, Mr Peter Gowans, CEO, One World Productions
  • Ayurvedic Studies Adviser Dr. Manish Patwardhan, BAMS, CEO Spa Consultants
  • Ayurvedic Studies, Short Courses Dr. Swapnil Daspute MBA. BAMS. FIIM
  • Ayurvedic Studies, Weekend revisions, Dr. Shilpi Boseroy BAMS
  • Ayurvedic Studies, Diploma. Ms Hilary Sullivan GradDipEd. B.A. Adv.Dip.Yoga, Dip. Ayur
  • Mental Health Adviser Ms Pam McAsey, M.A. Clinical Psychologist
  • Director of Practice & Education Qld. Ms Sonja Stauder, B.A. Adv Dip Yoga. Adv. Dip Ayur
  • Director of Practice & Education Syd. Ms. Rebecca Sinclair, CEO, City Yoga Studio, Sydney
  • Director of Practice & Education Mullum. Ms. Linda Bailey, CEO Yoga Peace Centre, Mullumbimby
  • Director of Practice & Education Melbourne Dr. Robert Campbell
  • Adviser, Melbourne Ms. Christine Villiers, CEO, Southern Yoga & Health Centre
  • Adviser, Melbourne Ms Linda Leah, M.A., CEO Yoga Dance, Melbourne
  • Director of Classical Indian Dance Ms Kamala Shakti, B.A. B.Ed, CEO Padma, A Step Ahead
  • Director of Languages, Communications, Performing Arts, Music and Drama, Ms Louise Hall, B.Ed Mus, L Mus A, Adv.Dip Yoga
  • Research Adviser Dr. Shane McIver, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe  University, Melbourne
Developing Ayurvedic and Yoga Practitioners that comply with the rules, regulations and standards of the countries in which we operate has been a strong focus for the Health Institute Australasia. However, we have always known that just herbs and medicines or yoga postures are not enough for natural wellbeing. This is why we are fully dedicated to bringing about Health and Wellness Training programs for both individuals for personal health and professionals.With 4 decades of providing education in Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, many of our graduates have established and successful yoga centres right across Australia and worldwide.

The purpose of education is to culture a person’s mind so that they can accomplish all their aims in life.