Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat

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Nirvana is the home for Shanti Yoga Residential Retreats offering
accessible mind-body solutions which
boost the individual’s capacity to restore health.

Find yourself amidst all that is serene and spiritual.

A tranquil eco haven, set in 70 acres
in the hills behind the hustle and bustle
of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach
in the beautiful Scenic Rim of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Hi Shanti, just want to thank you for a wonderful time I had during the Ayurveda detox retreat.

I really enjoyed the healing process and just having time out to be with myself in great company and to recharge and heal on a deeper level. 



We live in awe and wonder of the natural world, and appreciate how it contributes to our lives.

Looking reflectively at the world around us, and concerned about our footprint on the environment, and mindful about land and habitat for Wildlife, we
  • support long, deep-rooted, and deeply held traditions, understandings, practices, and world views about living in harmony with nature.
  • savour and enjoy an interest in the local, diverse, natural environment, and related issues, the treatment of animals, and about what is actually at our doorstep.
  • allow a collective, childhood sense of nurturing a deep, secure, trust in nature to bloom and flourish.
  • run programs to create a groundswell of people willing to care for and actively defend nature as the essential means towards a sustainable future.
  • believe that nature is alive, interdependent, and something that we are a part of and dependant upon, not an external and inert resource to plunder without any consequences.

We are self-sufficient with water and sewage.

Thank you for taking short showers.
Nirvana is equipped with solar hot water heating system and a grid-connected photovoltaic electricity generating system.
As we rely on a septic sewage system, it is important that only biodegradable waste is put down the toilets and sinks.
We aim to minimise recycling and landfill, and compost all our food waste.

The Nirvana Retreat Centre

The Yoga and Meditation room on the ground floor is where retreatants congregate for practices.

You can read a book or simply rest, taking in the breathtaking view of nature outdoors, under the wrap-around undercover veranda.

Upstairs you will find yourself in the media room, the art room, and the lecture area…, but it’s the relaxing dining area, that is the most popular.

Here we build community, and enjoy socialising over our delicious cuisine, congregate and chitchat in the kitchen, or enjoy the panoramic vistas on the indoor or outdoor lounges for a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean over the lush green, rolling hills. This is a paradise within Paradise.

Take a deep breath and feel the serenity of the great outdoors.


Accommodation is clean, simple, restful, and comfortable, in small single or twin-share bedrooms, with shared facilities or ensuite, with the focus on the enjoyment of the beautiful, natural surroundings, and in line with the eco nature of the retreat sanctuary. All rooms have washbasins, fans, insect screens, are heated and well insulated.

Beds are single, and made up with clean sheets, electric blankets, doonas, and pillows, and have reading lamps. Hot water bottles are available.

Bathrooms have complimentary biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, handwash and body wash for you to use. These are available for purchase. The ensuite bathrooms have a shower, toilet, and washbasin.

WiFi access is free. Please be mindful and in consideration of others and the retreat environment when using laptops and mobiles There are no TVs.

What will you do?

Rest. Restore. Balance. Connect. Gain wisdom. Have fun.

Jumpstart your journey towards wellbeing at this one-of-a-kind retreat, featuring world-renowned leader Shanti Gowans’ cutting-edge teachings of the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and Ecotherapy for modern life.

Gain the tools to empower your personal and collective wellbeing through immersive practices and activities, all while taking in the striking views of the Scenic Rim and coastline.

Ground your body in one of our multi-level gentle yoga or chair yoga and mindful movement classes guided by one of our master instructors.

Enjoy mindfulness and pranayama (yoga breathing) to connect with your authentic presence, focus your mind, and bring balance to your whole being.

Participate in engaging talks by Shanti Gowans, as well as mealtime chats, and Q&As to deepen your understanding of yourself and foster a connection with others.

Enjoy music and entertainment.


Give your body the nutrients it needs with delicious Ayurvedic-inspired, vegetarian cuisine, prepared for you daily with super-fresh, local, and organic ingredients. They are not only good for you but you will feel lighter in your body, mind, and spirit.

All meals are supplied. Please do not bring any food, snacks, lollies, chocolates, health bars, alcohol, packaged drinks, drugs or tobacco.

We are meat, poultry, and seafood-free. We occasionally cook using the eggs from our free-range chickens.

A surcharge applies for gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free options, or if you have any specific allergies that our cook has to cater for. Please let us know when you confirm your booking.

Everything at retreat is relaxed, from the welcoming hosts who make you feel like family, to the gentle teaching styles of the activities, and the meals shared with other like-minded retreatants. Retreat life is slow and easy. Simply enjoy some quiet time to reflect, reconnect with peace, and regain your focus. Once you’ve arrived, the hectic outside world quickly disappears amid the stillness and beauty of nature. You melt into the deeply relaxing world of calm breathing, gentle stretching, nature walks, and deep relaxation, and all whilst releasing stress and anxiety.
let our sanctuary becoome your sanctuary