Meditation Classes

Meditation is not a way to enlightenment, nor is it a method of achieving anything at all.
It is peace itself. It is the actualization of wisdom, the ultimate truth of the oneness of all things. (Dogen)

Practising meditation with an experienced master will change your life. The benefits range from reducing stress and high blood pressure, to living a more full and happy life. Mindfulness is a skill you can use in all of your life, not just on the meditation cushion. It's easy to learn. Anyone can do it. Anyone can benefit from it.

There's a lot of unused potential and undiscovered potential locked within you. Within you are infinite wonders, infinite secrets, the most mysterious knowledge, love as deep as the ocean and strength as solid as a mountain.   You can attain these through meditation. Meditation is the heart and science of Yoga. It unifies the inherent power of body, mind and spirit.

Research has also shown that 9 out of 10 people are not harnessing the full potential of their minds in their pursuit of success.  Einstein estimates us to only utilise about 5% of our brains. But that can all change.

At the Shanti Yoga Health Institute, we offer regular sitting practice to enable you to release habitual patterns of tension and relax more fully into meditation. Provided in the room are cushions, mats and blankets and traditional western chairs with back support. No special clothing or equipment is necessary. Each session is intended to stand alone, and whilst attendance at previous sessions is not required, regular attendance is most beneficial, as benefits are cumulative. Sessions are suited for both beginner and advanced meditators.

The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia presents methodical, effective and comprehensive, mind-body training in the contemplative, holistic, secular path of meditation, suited for both beginning and advanced meditators in a supportive, local environment. This training unites the inherent healing power of the mind, body and spirit with the cosmos.

Through the practices of sutra meditationmindfulness and vipassana meditation you'll learn skills which will positively impact every aspect of your life to help boost your immune system and ease stress. The Shanti Yoga Health Institute Australia (HIA) meditation provides the transformative essence of practical yoga science to help you discover and creatively express your life's true purpose.

The Shanti Yoga meditation provides an extraordinary opportunity to transform the debilitating energy of anger, fear, expectation and disappointment into a powerful and beneficent force. Through a sincere willingness to use the principles and tools of yoga science and meditation, physical, mental and emotional disease begin to melt away.

Meditation is a process through which the inherent happiness and freedom of being is released. It will introduce you to a way of living that is positive, intelligent and unreasonably happy. Initially it provides a direct confrontation with habitual patterns of mind that cause the sense of self and all suffering.

Each session is liberating and enduringly transformative. When we emerge off the meditation cushion, the transformation gets expressed in our conduct and actions. We can assume a great deal of control and responsibility over our own lives. With meditation we can re-create ourselves in terms of a new vision.


  • Free from bondage to words, intellect, analysis, attachment to ‘I’.
  • Free from past conditioning patterns and habits.
  • Free to change our thoughts, actions, images.
  • Free to chose a new way of acting and being in the world.
  • Free to experience nature, others, ourselves.