I felt peace when I first walked into the Shanti Yoga Centre. I had recently had an operation and I
felt in the need of calmness.—– In the Deep Conscious Relaxation Classes— I slowed down — felt calmness. In the process—– I experienced a more relaxed mind.

Shanti has written many books and recorded CDS and many other items . I bought the book
” ABUNDANCE ” Chapter 5 ” —-“The Law of Expectancy ” —– I read it every night It just helped me go into a wonderful state of mind each day . It changed my whole way of looking at life. Some people may prefer reading it in the morning. She also has a retreat ——- “The Nirvana Centre” —–She also has wonderful people helping her.

On the inside of the CD “SAMADHI ” Shanti is listed in the World’s Who’s Who of Yoga and the World’s Who’s Who of Women. —————– I feel we have a wonderfull person here—– a very wise
person. May many people benifit from her.
person. I hope many many people realise and benifit from it.


Kay Mulhare
December 17, 2019

Nirvana Retreat Centre

I recently attended a silent retreat at Nirvana in the Gold Coast hinterland, on arrival I was struck […]