Dearest Shanti,

Finally I sit down to write a few words for your book ‘Yoga in Pregnancy’! We were delighted to receive it and the boys enjoyed looking at the photos. It certainly is a very busy life with two young boys and a job, hence the delay in responding to you.

Yoga practice was a very important part of my life before I was pregnant and I continued with yoga postures and with relaxation and meditation during pregnancy.

Physically, Yoga helped me to remain supple and fit and to enjoy being big with child, to remain positive about my body and to look forward with confidence to the challenges of birth and parenthood.

One can feel very vulnerable during pregnancy, physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga was a source of great strength. Relaxation and meditation helped me to find strength from within, as well as providing an excellent tool for use during the birth process.

Ivan, my husband, also joined with me in Yoga practice. This was a very positive experience and helped cement our closeness and commitment.

During pregnancy, one has to care for oneself, care for the unborn child. Yoga is a very positive way to do this.

I remember Nicolas’ birth very well, as a time of great exhilaration. The same applied to Tomas’ birth, some four years later. Both boys were so calm but alert at birth and both were welcomed with great love.

Thank you Shanti for sharing your treasures with me, for showing me the way to achieve happiness and fulfilment, for giving such inspiration, guidance and knowledge, all of which go to maximising any experience of challenge life throws my way.

I am very glad to give my wholehearted approval to your book. Your advice rings very true when I think back to my experience of pregnancy and birth. These are, of course, only the beginning. The benefits of Yoga practice flow over one’s entire life and can enrich each stage of it.
With my love,
Cathy (30.6.1992).

P.S. Nicolas and Tomas find it hard to believe I actually did these postures while pregnant! It’s useful to have the photos as proof! As Nicolas said this evening, “You were only thirty then and that’s ten years ago!” Children know how to bring you down to earth.

August 21, 2017

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