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Purification: Yogic Cleansing, Shat karmas
20 Jan 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Purification: Yogic Cleansing, Shat karmas 1. CLEANING THE STOMACH, Dhauti 1 Internal washing of the stomach, antar-dhauti 1.i Internal Washing, antar-dhauti 1.i.a Wind...

Antidote Affirmations
26 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
If you have regular thoughts of self-judgment, criticism, shame, or unworthiness, create a true antidote, a phrase (or two or three), that transforms the falsehood of these unhealthy thoughts, and...

The 5 layers of consciousness, koshas
19 Aug 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
You are so much more than your physical body, emotions and mind. You are actually composed of five layers of consciousness, which in the yogic tradition are known as the 'koshas'. These are...

Three Bodies
31 May 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
All human beings have three bodies, or three personality aspects of consciousness, namely - the Physical body, stula sharira - the Subtle body, the body of enjoyment, sukshma sharira, and - the...

Unlock your Hips
21 Mar 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Sitting may be the most harmless activity known to human beings, but it can also be one of the dangers to your health. Even if you are amongst the most active of athletes, you can still suffer from...

Pranayama: Breath Control
18 Mar 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Pranayama or the science of yoga breathing, is the fourth limb in the discipline of yoga, and the first principle with which anyone beginning a yoga practice should concentrate upon. Learning to...

16 Mar 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
From the classical and ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit, the word 'mandala' can be loosely tarnslated as a circle. However, a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It is a cosmic...

Dancing with Shiva
26 Jan 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
The elements dance. Sadashiva dances. Consciousness dances. Shiva-Shakti dances. The animate and inanimate dance. All these and the Vedas dance when the Supreme Presence dances the dance of...

Finding Your Yoga Fit with Shanti Yoga 2017
26 Jan 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Hello February. I hope you have embarked on an awesome start to the New Year. It’s not too late in this powerful and perfect time to take up or resolve anything you wanted to do in the past,...

108 bead Mala
21 Jan 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
For centuries, the number 108 has had significance in Hinduism, Buddhism and even in yoga and other spiritual practices. The yoga Japa Mala used for prayer and meditation has 108 beads strung on a...

Five Subtypes of Prana
9 Nov 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
All visible and invisible happenings of the universe are under the influence of the Cosmic impulse known as Prana in the Vedas. There are five kinds of Prana in the body, and each has its region...

Yoga Therapy, Yoga Chikitsa
16 Oct 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
There has been a lot of excitement recently about the effectiveness of yoga therapy. For over 40 years, we have witnessed amazing results through Shanti Yoga. In the early days, we did not know why...

Gayatri Mantra
1 Oct 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
ओ३म् भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम् , भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः...

The Power of Om
8 Sep 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Sounds are built from elementary particles, which in turn are made from microscopic strands of energy (string theory?). All sounds have energetic blueprints, which act as triggers that can induce...

Break Bad Habits with Yoga
20 Aug 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
When was the last time you really thought about what you were doing whether it was reaching for coffee 
in the morning, the high energy drinks such as ‘V' or ‘Mother' at work,...

Shanti Mantra: Sahanavavatu Mantra
30 Jun 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Sahanavavatu is one of the shanti (peace) mantras which has its origins in the Taittiriya Upanisad. It is often used as a universal prayer, to invoke divine blessings, and for harmony amongst...

Prana Unlocked
27 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
A fundamental difference between Eastern and Western medicine is that many of the Eastern traditions include practices that help one to develop and achieve optimal health and wellness before the...

Healthier Joints
9 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
The secret to healthy movement is to know how to protect your body and joints from strain, while working your muscles in the right way, which is the skill of being able to contract and relax your...

Yoga in Cancer and Chronic Illness
26 Mar 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
YOGA IN CANCER AND CHRONIC ILLNESS Shanti yoga accepts the body as a divine instrument. The practice of Shanti Yoga assists an individual attune to their subtle and vibrant energy field through...

Chanting: The Healing Power of Sound
23 Mar 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Chanting has commanded great respect among yogis of the past and it is often considered one of the most important yoga practices. Chanting, by the recitation of mantras, assists in bringing the mind...

Suggestive Power during Yoga Nidra
8 Mar 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
A writer for a popular fitness magazine once wrote a facetious article about a "miracle supplement". At the bottom of the page on which the article appeared, he had the magazine's...

In the centre of the castle…Chandogya Upanishad  VIII 1-5
1 Mar 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Aum. In the centre of the castle of Brahman, your own body, is a small shrine in the form of a lotus-flower, within which can be found a small space. Find who dwells there and seek to...

Yoga Philosophy (astika)
28 Feb 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Yoga was compiled by Patanjali. The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the verbal root ‘yuj’, meaning to yoke or harness, and represents the union of the individual self, jivatma,...

Jala Neti, Nasal Irrigation
3 Feb 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
What is Neti? Jala Neti means 'water cleansing' and is one of the shat kriyas or 'six purification practices' common to yoga. Neti in the form of saline nasal irrigation...

Numbers in Sanskrit
6 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
1. One: eka 2. Two: dwi 3. Three: tri 4. Four chatur 5. Five: pancha 6. Six: shat 7. Seven: sapta 8. Eight: ashta 9. Nine: nava 10. Ten: das(h)a

YOGA from A to Z
5 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
A ADHO downward AHAMKARA I-maker AHIMSA non-violence, one of the five yamas ANANDA Joyful. Bliss. ANAHATA un-stuck sound centre; the heart chakra ANGA limb ANGULI fingers or toes ...

Patanjali 1:33 Friendliness, compassion, delight and equanimity.
3 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward happiness, compassion toward suffering, delight toward virtue, and equanimity toward vice, thoughts become purified, and the obstacles to self...

Mantra - Vibrational Medicine  for Body, Mind and Soul
8 Dec 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Mantras are vibrational medicine for body, mind and soul. Many people have benefited from the power of mantra. When you select a word or series of words to repeat in the form of a mantra, you...

Drishti, Vision. Focused Gaze in Yoga
6 Dec 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Drishti, Vision. Focused Gaze in Yoga Where the eyes go, there the mind goes. In Sanskrit, drishti means gaze; it can also mean vision, a point of view, or intelligence and wisdom. ...

GURU RUPA - Guru is the means
23 Sep 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Spiritual teaching is powerless without the appropriate elements of delivery or transmission in place. The guru, or spiritual teacher, the sangha, or community of like-minded beings, together with...

22 Aug 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Namaste Namaste is a greeting which originally came from India, and has now increasingly been embraced as a worldwide acknowledgement. It does not allude to a fixed time, such as good morning, good...

17 Aug 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
CHAKRAS The wheels that spin Chakras are subtle centres in the brain and spine that exist as subtle, non-physical patterns of energy that precede the formation of the body and facilitate its...

Kundalini: Cultivating Shakti and liberating the force
17 Aug 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
KUNDALINI Cultivating Shakti and liberating the force Kundalini is the underbelly that describes the entire cosmic creation condensed within a coil, the infinite source of energy, that resides...

Karma's Laws
3 Jul 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
In Sanskrit a mental or physical act is called karma. Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is also the word used to describe the consequence of this act, and hence what we call 'fate'....

From me to you 19 July 2012
19 Jun 2012 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
From me to you... The conflict between spirituality and sensuality, the metaphysical and the material provides no real direction, only confusion. In this search it doesn't matter where you look,...

Yoga Motivation
7 Jan 2012 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
The new year is a wonderful time to try something new. It is also a great time to return to something that once nourished you. We often receive calls from students asking if we 'offer classes for...

Yoga Nidra, the importance of rest and sleep
15 Sep 2011 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Would you like to get a perfect night’s rest, every night and wake up feeling rested, alert and energised? 75% of adults suffer with sleep problems at least a few nights a week. About 10%...

Arrange your mind to have a better day
15 Sep 2011 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Arrange your mind to have a better day (yoga story) A 92 year old, petite, well-poised and proud man, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, cleanly shaved and with his hair...

Yoga Today
2 Sep 2011 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Today, there are practitioners following different yoga paths and yogic styles who come from various lineages. In a society where traditional yogic concepts such as wholesome eating, mindfulness...


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