8 Sep 2016   Shanti Gowans
Business, as per the usual understanding, is about maximising profit without regard for the negative toll it might take on ourselves, our families and the world. It will thus come as no suprise to us then, that business, money, and profit are dirty words for so many people. 
But there is another way. In a world plagued by fake news, ecosystem collapse, rampant violence, and greed corrupting almost every global institution, it is no longer enough to just build a business that generates income while meeting a need in the market. The new way of leading in business includes a better, healthier and happier version of you! It is time to take a stand for something you believe in. You can still think big while including feeling deeply. 
The same skills that will help you to stay centered, healthy and happy as an individual, are the ones that will help you lead your professional life and your company into the new world of business. They include:
- Intuition.  Intuition enhances your business vision
- Doing what you love. This adds power to each of your actions
- Connecting from the heart. This is the new kind of communication that people are ready for. 

These are qualities that we get from the Feminine side of ourselves, both for male and female.

Now is the time the world order is moving from a vertical perspective (all power on top and nothing at the bottom) to a more balanced, horizontal perspective which incluides caring for others and the planet as we do business, integrating all parts of ourselves in everything we do.

Business can be a powerful force for good in the world, and you can prosper while being of profound service. 
Focus on marketing to people who are attracted to your beliefs. Your purpose is to educate and create value, even for those who are not ready to buy.
Start by determining what your subconscious thoughts regarding money. are. Your thoughts, in essence, create your reality. Money itself has no power; it is neither good nor bad. Your attitude, thoughts and ideals about money determine your beliefs about money. If you grew up struggling with money and thinking that money was the root of all evil, then you probably still think that at some level. 
Think about all you have heard and what you associate with money, such as 'Money is hard to come by' or 'Money doesn't grow on trees'. If you continue to think that you never 'have enough money,' your thoughts will continue to become your reality. These kinds of thoughts get stuck in your mind because whatever you telli yourself, day in and day out, is what you believe, which is the analogy of musical chairs: there is not enough for everyone, and eventually someone is going to miss out. This way of thinking becomes a way of life after a while. 

Many people get so caught up in the stress and strife of life that they end up repelling money because they spend much of their time focusing on all of their problems. Yet, in the end, the only way to draw something to you is to focus on that which you want to draw to you.
What are the messages you are telling yourself from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed? Telling yourself that you 'don't have enough time' or that you 'don't have enough money' colours everything because it is what you are telling yourself all day long. In the end, your world is a creation of your thoughts, so if you want to draw money to you, you must begin by changing your thoughts. You have to essentially change the way you think and feel about money at the very core of your being. 

How can you do this you might ask? 

- You can start by being thankful for the time and money you do have. 
- You can feel grateful that you're not living on the street.
- You can look around and see that you are probably much better off than many people you know. 
- Instead of paying bills and being anxious or uptight, you can pay bills and feel grateful that you had the money to pay the bill. 

In order to think yourself rich, you have to feel rich. You have to feel like you have enough and that everything is going to be fine. You have to change the messages you are telling your subconscious mind by changing your self-talk. The next time you find yourself grumbling or complaining about your lack of money, stop yourself in your tracks. Change the message and tell yourself that you have enough and that you are getting wealthier every day. 

When you start changing our negative, pessamistic self-talk, you start believing in yourself more.
You can also use affirmations and visualisations which are powerful. You could spend a few minutes every day repeating affirmations such as: "My resources are abundant" or "Money is coming to me now" or "I have all of the wealth I need." 

The more you create positive and optimistic statements, and the more you begin to feel the feelings associated with these statements, the more you will draw abundance to you. 

You can also use the power of your imagination by closing your eyes and seeing yourself enjoying abundance. While this may seem silly, it does work. 

Practice yoga relaxation. Once you are in a relaxed, light state, you can then repeat your affirmations and do some visualisations, such as seeing yourself happily paying bills, on holidays, driving a new car, paying for someone else. What you are essentially trying to do is raise your financial set point. We all have a certain number that we believe we cannot move beyond. By visualising and repeating affirmations, you will, in turn, raise your financial set point, little by little. 

The most important part is to feel the feelings and emotions that you equate with being wealthy. Because the subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between reality and imagination, it believes whatever you "program" into it. It is really as simple as that.

You can also use vision boards, with images and pictures that you associate with health, wealth and abundance, for you, others and the planet. 

You come into the world with nothning, and when you leave you can take nothing with you. But you can leave a legacy. Enlightened, like-minded leadedrs gather together to share the same dream: how to serve planet, their company and people in the best way they can.


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