Everything changes, all the time.
In essence your nature is impermanent.

Meditation practices need to constitute the very core of a humane approach to life. Enlightenment or the state of Nirvana is the ultimate aim of meditation. However, on the way to Nirvana, meditation can help promote spiritual development, diminish the impact of suffering, calm the mind and reveal the true facts of existence. Increased gentleness and compassion are among their byproducts, together with opening up to life’s message of inner peace.

Mindfulness helps us relate with things as they are. We don’t need to stock up, amass arsenals, and collect more weapons in case they might be needed to defend ourselves; or more food, so that if we run out, we would have something to live on. Neither does it depend upon making sure that if we are removed from one position, organisation or relationship, that we have another to join. Stocking up and making sure that there is some kind of security leads to aggression, which opposes peace. Mindfulness allows us to reveal conditioning’s follies and let go into acceptance of movement, change, and the largesse of Life.

Let go, rest and dissolve into the unknown.
Learn, enjoy, master and benefit
from making your mind and heart peaceful.
Forgive and life.
You can make inner peace happen.

October 8 @ 16:00 — October 10 @ 16:00
4:00 pm — 4:00 pm (48h)

Nirvana Wellness Retreat

Shanti Gowans