There are too many wonderful things that can be said about studying with the Health Institute Australia, I will state the most important.

I did my Certificate IV Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant. It was a life changing experience, there is no turning back for me now, studying under master Shanti Gowans and her experienced, knowledgable, compassionate staff was a true honour. I was treated as an individual,with professionalism, compassion and true dedication and respect for the ancient science of Ayurveda & Yoga.

They are advocates to this profound way of living, as I now understand, the way to living a long and healthy life. I would highly recommend studying any course offered by the Health Institute, the support and understanding, along with the knowledge, passion and love, you cannot find elsewhere. There are so many courses on offer, the question is ‘which one first’?

Life is a journey and to be guided on this beautiful journey you have a real living master Shanti Gowans, what more can one ask for, for those of us whose life she has touched, we are blessed, honoured and we are loved.

Tanya McFarland
Certificate IV Ayurveda