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Noble Silence arises out of a noble spirit
23 Mar 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Thw word 'noble' can connote ideas about 'royalty', something acquired with wealth, a birthright or social status, an office that puts a person above others, privilege… ...

The Practice of Meditation
26 Jan 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Create your own space, experience your own peace, and be healthy for your own self. Intention and Resolve A meditation practice requires commitment and dedication. Begin with setting aside just...

Preparation for Meditation
6 Jan 2018 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
We are all residents of two worlds: the external world of relationships, work, family and community, and the inner world of our deepest inner reality. The greatest of all human achievements is to...

The Change that Changes Everything
24 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
We need a refreshing and radically effective new approach to spirituality…one in which we practice all day long, so that all of life becomes a spiritual experience. Instead of settling for...

22 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Doing nothing, noticing happiness. When you meditate, you sit in the heart of awareness. Holding a newborn child and looking into their eyes, their being, their inner self seems to extend...

The Calling of Joy
22 Oct 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
There is a part of you that is more than what you do, how much you have and what you think. You can feel it as a calling to your inner river, your passion, your flow, you well of being, ...

The Open Secret of Yoga Embodied Mindfulness
29 Jan 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Mindfulness can be understood by its meaningful parts: Mind + Full + only this is Yogic mindfulness in everyday life refers to a visceral, natural, easeful and lucidly clear way of being an...

Mindfulness in Daily Life
15 Jan 2017 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular as a useful antidote to business, information overload and rampant attention deficit disorder. The word translated as 'mindfulness' is smriti in...

Divine Healing Meditation
14 Jun 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Om. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I give thanks for the great, great blessings, and the supreme ultimate energy, source, universe, god-force, and the presence within me and...

1 Jun 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Do you sometimes wonder why, in spite of there being millions of cars on the road, there are so few accidents? At any given time there are millions of tired, angry, distracted, impatient and drunk...

The Foundations of Yoga Meditation
4 May 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
An Inner Centre of Peace As the pressure of the world increase and multiply, many people are turning to the practice of meditation as a step toward a calmer life, the release of strength and wisdom...

Four Stages of Trance
22 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Many cycles of the dissolution of the universe, Many cycles of its evolution. The "I" of such and suich name, clan, colour, livlihood, suffering, such pleasure and pain, and having such...

The Four Positions
17 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
THE FOUR POSITIONS Sitting Meditation Sit crossed legged, or use a meditation stool or chair without back support (unless necessary). Sit upright. Straighten your back by gently rolling your...

Natural Mind Meditation
10 Apr 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
1. Sit Be seated on a cushion, or chair, in a straight-back, but relaxed position, with eyes slightly open and your gaze towards the floor. Take a moment to feel the posture of your body...

Going Within
26 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Every snce I encountered the Western world, I wondered whether it was something in the air, but I observed many of my friends and cohorts struggling and/or feeling agitated in an unusually...

Sacred Space for Meditation and Yoga
25 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
A sacred space is an area of your home specifically set aside for meditation, doing yoga, or just for relaxing in general. Though the term technically has no religious undertones associated with it,...

Thought and Belief
24 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
There is a difference between your thoughts and your beliefs. You may have thousands of thoughts going through your mind, but none of them have any power, except those that you believe...

The Collective Journey to Awakened Awareness
17 Jan 2016 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
For most people, the normal experience of consciousness often feels small and reactive. People struggle to navigate the many fears and desires, worries and concerns, ambitions and hopes that they...

Re-story your Life
30 Dec 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
To start, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. First you must suspend disbelief and imagine very vividly that you can enter into the place where your own life story can be re...

Self Mastery and Intuition
13 Oct 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
Managing your life is not external. It is internal. It arises from self mastery. Intuition is a powerful tool towards this. Most people live their lives trapped within their five senses. However,...

Om, Aum. The Universal Sound
16 Aug 2015 | Shanti Gowans | 0 Comments
In the beginning was the word Om (aum) is the ancient word the universal sound energy pulsating with pure potential. This power, shakti, is the very nature of the Absolute. It is the living...


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