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Intimacy, Love, Transformation

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Writing has allowed me to share the gentle Truth I live and teach. It is amongst the most powerful, transformational and self developmental communication tools off the mat. Books such as ‘Intimacy, Love, Transformation’ can literally change the way an experience is held within an overall story in a reader’s life. This is why, after writing books too numerous to count, I am as excited now, as ever, to begin a new project as I was when I first started. Please accept this offering, read and enjoy. With love and blessings, Shantiji.

Testimonial by Helen Selmeczy

This book, ‘Intimacy, Love, Transformation’ by Shanti Gowans, a highly acclaimed teacher of living yoga and a meditation master, provides a holistic, practical application of spiritual principles, for guidance in your intimate and closest relationships.

Intimacy involves the deepening of our relationships and our vocabulary for unconditional love. Love involves unconditional acceptance of life as it is, in the present moment and the nurturing of happiness, joy and peace in all relationships. Transformation is the process of continual change as the spirit of love seeks form along the evolutionary pathway of human consciousness towards self-realisation – the direct awareness of our inherent nature (the Self) as unconditional love. Wise parenting involves the nurturing of ‘the spirit child’ in ourselves, our partner and our family through the release of the unconditional love that radiates from the core of our Being. Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda provide us with deep and powerful practices that can lay the foundations for successful transformation. The invitation from Shantiji is to use the inspiration, intelligence and energy in this book as a catalyst for our own journey toward Self-realisation through intimacy, love and transformation.

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  1. Freddy Frog

    “THANK YOU”! 
Thank you from the depths of my soul.

    Freddy Frog

    Dear Shanti,

    This is a letter which has replayed through my mind many times in the past months. So here I am now compelled to write this to you. Firstly, THANK YOU! it seems to me far to simple a word to describe and explain the fullness of my gratitude and love to you.

    The last days of “Yoga Practice” 2011. I walked into “The Health Institute”, searching! I was perhaps looking for a more relaxed way to keep fit. Or perhaps I was looking to just slow down and relax more with life. I was immediately drawn to your book on relationships “Intimacy, Love and Transformation”, which I purchased there and then.

    I managed to attend one Yoga practice before Christmas breakup. I was “blown away “by the shifts in my consciousness over the next three weeks. Up until this time my life had been filled with feelings of being unloved, poor me, what about me, I deserve better, I don’t deserve this, etc,etc,etc. After literally 15 minutes into your book “Intimacy, Love and Transformation” something seemingly at that time incredible happened.
A light seemed to go on in my mind and illuminate parts of me that had never seen light before. A voice in my mind, my own voice, which I had never heard before, started to speak to me. I devoured your book in three days. Then read it again 3 times over the next three weeks. Every page guided me into my perception of my life.
I realised it was not and never was “about poor me”. I saw how I acted and reacted towards others and I didn’t like a lot about what I discovered about my behaviour. I always thought I cared about others, but I saw my care was limited and superficial. (So long as it didn’t intrude in my life).
    I have a thirty year relationship with my Husband. Which for most of that time had been unhappy and conflicting. Your book changed EVERYTHING! Within weeks. Our problems were never all my husbands fault as I had believed. A lot of our conflict was due to my actions and attitudes. I saw for the first time that this dear man, my husband, had suffered greatly because of my egotism and selfishness. He was not the monster that I had created in my head. I WAS! I became conscious of my actions and reactions in our marriage.

    What happened next I could not believe ………….. My husband changed towards me. He responded to me with love and kindness that I have never seen from him in thirty years.
    I have been attending Yoga Practice now regularly for 7 months and also your monthly spiritual discussions (with my husband). I have read twelve of your books, many several times. I have also had an Ayurvedic consultation to help fine tune my health and my life. The results have been astounding. Many friends ask me “What’s happened to you? Your so calm and happy. ” Even more astounding is many friends ask me “What’s happened to your husband”? He’s a different man. Friendly, laughing, happy at peace.

    As a visual artist and photographer my work has progressed and improved at an amazing rate. My life is filled with so much love, passion and purpose. You have led me to discover empathy, compassion, and love for all things.

    I now have an amazing marriage and love for a partner who has been by my side for thirty years. Sadly I never knew him. What I was searching for I always had. My self obsession blinded me to the love around me.

    As I said at the beginning of this letter. “THANK YOU” !
Thank you from the depths of my soul. You have shone a light into my life, that is enabling me to dispel the darkness. I know my life can only get better and more enriching as my love grows.

    With the greatest gratitude and love,
    Helen Selmeczy

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