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The Art and Science of Meditation – Part 1

THE AWAKENING PATH Meditation for Health, Wellbeing and Self Care •health •peace •sleep •happiness •balance •love •freedom from stress •success Self care is essential to your wellness. Shanti Gowans. Fully residential course comprising 5 weekend retreats (usually @ $596 per weekend), and one 10-day residential retreat (usually @ $3980) with twin-share accommodation, delicious …

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Meditation Instructor Training

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher Discover how you can awaken, deepen, raise your consciousness, heal and teach meditation and mindfulness in schools, corporate settings and health centres. Whether you already have an established practice or are just beginning, you can benefit. This professional certification program offers a high degree of specialised …

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Progressive Relaxation and Lucid Dreaming

Learn Relaxation practices to overcome stress Modern day stresses, urban noise, highly processed and toxic diets, the 21st century speed mania and conflicting value systems are responsible for an ever increasing proportion of the human population ‘wear ‘n’ tear’ diseases. How you adapt and cope with the stresses and strains of …

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Relaxation Therapy Products

deep relaxation therapy

CD’s for Relaxation Therapy The following Relaxation Therapy CD’s have been produced to give maximum results. They are tried and true. They can be used at night before retiring, on flights when traveling or at any time when you have a spare moment. Practiced daily, the relaxation results can be felt immediately. SAMADHI: Enjoy …

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Relaxation Therapy

relax slow down

Healing & Transformation with Deep Relaxation Therapy Our Deep Relaxation and Meditation products work quickly and effectively by accessing and communicating directly with the subconscious mind. The critical, rational mind is suspended while old programming is released and what you prefer is employed. Change is rapid. You can end destructive habits such …

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Meditation Products

meditation books and cds

Meditation can help you no matter what your current situation is. It doesn’t matter whether you want peace of mind, to connect with your higher power, prevent an illness, or anything else. The approach is very similar. Meditation can help you no matter what your current situation is. When you …

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Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

100 Reasons to Meditate Physiological benefits of Meditation: Meditation lowers oxygen consumption It decreases respiratory rate It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate Increases exercise tolerance Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation Good for people with high blood pressure Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels …

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