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Oil Pulling

Many Ayurvedic enthusiasts and practitioners claim that oil pulling is nothing short of a miracle. Because it is so effective against various ailments, they consider it as an alternate medicinal treatment in itself! The best thing about this 5,000-year-old practice is that it is neither esoteric nor expensive. Anybody and everybody can …

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Ayurveda Consultations

Health Assessments: Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation Ayurveda is a natural, safe, holistic, non-invasive and cost-effective. Digestive health and wellness have been Ayurveda’s specialty for 5,000 years. Shanti Yoga-Health Institute Australasia and Nirvana Wellness Retreat’s clinics have helped thousands of clients discover the cause behind issues such as digestive and bowel health, fatigue, …

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Ayurveda Detox Retreats & Natural Healing

Ayurveda detox

Spare just 10 days. Experience an uplifting adventure. Transform your life 9-19 April 2020 3-12 July 2020 18-27 September 2020 27 Dec 2020 – 3 January 2021 3 January 2021 – 10 January 2021 Profound Healing. Sustainable Wellbeing Transform into the new paradigm Many years ago, when medical professionals prescribed …

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Seasonal Routines

four seasons

Do you notice that you feel differently in the light and dark? day and night? summer and winter? That you crave different foods, have different sleeping patterns, and experience different moods? We are circadian beings, which means our ability to survive and thrive as a species depends on our connection …

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Ayurvedic Studies

Ayurveda courses Your health does not get better by chance it gets better by change and lifestyle choices. Not just a quick fix, Ayurveda approaches health as an entire lifestyle. We offer the following Ayurveda: Introduction to Ayurveda The Power of Touch Ayurvedic Treatments Bringing Ayurveda to the Table (Vegan/Vegetarian …

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Ayurveda – From the Earth to the Table – weekend retreat


RESIDENTIAL COOKING RETREAT FROM NATURE TO KITCHEN Introduction to Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking Venue: Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, Beechmont Fee: $650 twin-share accommodation, $750 solo, shared facilities, for 2 nights, 6 meals, program Enjoy a weekend of relaxation, cooking, yoga, rainforest walks and good company in the most spectacular natural environment, Beechmont Queensland. There is so much …

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Ayurveda Training Course intake

ayurveda courses

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant and Practitioner Courses We offer the following Ayurveda courses on the Gold Coast, Australia, both to domestic and international students:- Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation » Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda » WHAT IS AYURVEDA? Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and health. It is Indian naturopathy which stems …

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